Winguo: You Can Surf the Internet With Mobile Phone Easily

Winguo: You Can Surf the Internet With Mobile Phone Easily

What can you do on the standby interface of a shared phone by inputting numbers? Most of us will soon come to the call making. But the president of Guangdong Guobi technology cooperation gives us a variety of answers. We can make a flight reservation, listen to the music, watch videos and read novels. Is it possible for us to do such kind of useful work with our mobile already a watch mobile phone?

On October 9, Guobi cooperation held an artificial intelligence Winguo technology conference. The reporter learned from the conference that the new technology in 3G times has been put into nearly hundred million domestic mobile phones. It has realized the commercial application on more than 50 mobile phones.

According to the introduction, winguo centering on the language cloud computing is the platform to provide the mobile terminal users with network service. Specifically speaking, it’s a searching engine inserted in the mobile input method. With the recognition mechanism of mobile phone,it can actively recognize the user’s needs and send the related service to the user if the users input the needed information or service.

For example, if you don’t know how to set the alarm clock with your new mobile phone, you can start the function by pressing nz keys. Furthermore, if you input “flight ticket”, “flight” or other keywords into the message interface, the related websites like CTRP, CA and SA will be carried out. If you input the name of a famous star, you will be reminded to go into into the downloaded pages of related news and pictures.

Now we have entered into the 3G age. In the 3G age, the network service and network culture will be more extensive. It will be spread to the shared group and rural areas. At the same time, the network platform will be little by little transferred from desktop to the palm and from the PC to the mobile phone and reader. In the case, the technologies like interactive Winguo which is based on the mobile necessary software will capture wide living space without any doubt.

It will not only low the using threshold for the mobile users, but also will enhance the product additional value of the mobile manufacturers. Meanwhile, it will help to increase the business of mobile operators and expand the selling channels of SP and CP dealers.

The reporter learned that winguo platform has won the good reputation from many domestic mobile phone manufacturers since it’s developed successfully. Since the first built-in winguo phone Gionee N98 appeared on the market, there are more than 50 internally installed mobile phones of different brands.

The Guobi Technology chief operating officer revealed the winguo installation quantity of winguo has reached more than 1 billion per year. At the same time, it also has built the partner relationship with the multinaional corporations like Intel, Qualcomm and Google in addition as China Mobile and ChinaTelecom. In the future, Winguo may be listed as the reservation of the 3G mobile phone.

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