Why Mobile CRM is basic to Your Business…

It’s no longer sufficient to offer your customer a good service or a good product. If you want to retain a customer for any meaningful length of time, you have to go farther – you have to offer your customer a good buy “experience.” And it had better be fast because you’re competing with every internet supplier on the complete planet. This method, that every dynamic of the sales cycle – from first contact all the way by delivery and post-sale sustain has to be an informed, positive, responsive, and successful experience. It’s no longer sufficient, in a sales call, to say: “Let me get back to you on that.”

You’d think ensuring that kind of experience would be a natural for customer relationship management (CRM). But, according to the Gartner Group, “45% of the workforce – just short of 60 million

workers – are mobile…at the minimum 20% of the workweek.” So CRM may be the answer, but it better be a CRM system that’s mobile.

Sound far-fetched? Not at all. Now, with a smartphone such as a Blackberry® or Treo®, you can take CRM on the road – and there are many benefits for doing so.

Consider the benefits: when your salesperson meets with a customer or prospect, they can be armed with the very latest, up-to-date information. No more surprises. additionally, your field people can easily access contact information, directions, customer profiles, price lists and inventory availability on the identify. No wasted motions and quick gratification for the customer experience. Best of all, orders can be entered right away. With mobile CRM, information is captured right away, processes are accelerated and customer wait times are shortened. All of these are good things in today’s jetstream economy.

Is now the time to think about mobile CRM? Yes. Absolutely. Or at the minimum begin thinking about how it might apply to your business and think fast. According to the Forrester Group, a few years ago some 39% of survey companies were planning to adopt wireless email or a Blackberry solution. A year later 51% of those companies truly did – a sure sign that mobile data access, and the platforms for mobile CRM are becoming mainstream.

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