Why Marathi Boys Make Awesome Husbands

Why Marathi Boys Make Awesome Husbands

Marriage is a big decision and should be made with the consent of the boy and the girl soon to be groom and bride. One of the most beautiful and simple wedding of all times is Marathi matrimony. Marathi matrimony is beautiful in its own way. They like to keep it simple and modest. Many girls prefer a Marathi or Maharashtrian boy as their husbands for a few reasons. A well settled, smart and handsome Marathi boy is like a dream come true.

Here are a few reasons why Marathi boys make awesome husbands.

  1. Settled oversea – Most of the Marathi people are seen to be living overseas and happily settled there. The main concern that a girl’s parents can have is about the job of the boy there then that is also not a problem because Marathi boys are very intelligent and smart enough to track down a good job for them in India and oversea in addition.
  2. Mix and blend of all – A daughter’s parents look for a few qualities in a boy before getting her to tie the knot in Marathi matrimony with him. Qualities are smart, good looking, good talker and many more such things then believe it or not, Marathi boy is the answer to all your questions. They are smart and good looking like Punjabis, sweet and good talkers like the Biharis and intelligent just like the Bengalis. A Marathi mulga is a blend of everything that you need for your lovely daughter.
  3. Financially savvy and sensible – Marathi boys think very differently when it comes to financial stability or expenditure. They don’t use too much on alcohol or cars or mobiles and land like Punjabis, neither they use their major part of the income and saving in bonds, shares, debentures and gold like Guajarati’s and south Indians. They do savings and use on what is required and when required. They invest in sensible and profitable companies after good research and all use much on their lifestyle.
  4. A fine line between enjoying and drunk – Being a Marathi they usually get to live in a diversified blend like between north and south Indians. Their best characterize is that they know how to enjoy their lives. They go to pubs and already drink but they know their limit. A girl would want to tie a knot in Marathi matrimony with a person who is fun but never drunk or irresponsible.
  5. Flexible with food – Marathi boys have grown up with Marathi cuisine which does not be make up of consistently a very wide and exotic variety of food. They develop a habit anything and also start developing their taste in other cuisines in addition as Punjabi, Chinese and western. Making food for a Marathi husband won’t be a very big problem already if the girl is not from Marathi culture.

Understanding is the main component in Marathi matrimony and Marathi boys are very understanding especially when it comes to the needs of their wives.

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