Why is Twilight Such a Big Hit?

You must probably heard about it, from the news on the television or to the mob of teenagers wearing the “I love TWILIGHT” t-shirts outside the bookshop where Stephenie Meyer held her book-signing. The new occurrence right after Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings took the whole world like wildfire. TWILIGHT, which was a novel about a vampire who fell in love with the girl he ever so wanted to kill. It was written by Stephenie Meyer from Phoenix Arizona, who received moment and unbelievable fame and fortune after the hit of her novel. After the release of her books, the movie was made, starring Kristen Stewart as the main female name Bella Swan with Robert Pattinson as the vampire, Edward Cullen.

To those who have read the series, they would probably say that this is just one of those boring vampire books that are being released every now and then all around the world. But this is something far from ordinary; different because no one had probably wrote something about a vampire, though fighting the urge of killing her, nevertheless fell in love with a frail and warm-blooded human. Despite all the trials, challenges and holding back (they can’t already kiss properly because Edward might be overwhelmed and kill Bella in one move), their love prevailed in the end, at the last book entitled “Breaking Dawn”.

Twilight had swept fans off their feet with this story of unconditional love with a happy ending. From grade school girls up to their mothers, all had their noses buried to these four books produced by Meyer. Mrs. Rita Johnson (a mother of two and works as an Elisa Kit Manufacturer) posted on one of the fan forums that she loved Twilight because it brought her out from reality into the mystical vicinity of vampires. It was totally addicting to some of the teenagers who became moment avid fan girls, collecting the books, the movies, from shirts to notebooks to collector items stuffs.

already the schools alternation TWILIGHT on their vampire-themed proms. During the past Halloween, almost everyone dressed as Dracula or just used too much powder on their faces to press the pale complexions of the vampires on Meyer’s books. Twilight Saga might be another Harry Potter occurrence, hit the world in one break, and might disappear in a flash of light in addition (or most probably after the fourth movie was done). But nevertheless, right now, Twilight inspired teenagers about love and life and how to realize its importance (well, Edward always refuse to change Bella into a vampire too because he values her humanity and wouldn’t want her to lose her life. He doesn’t want Bella to suffer an eternity with him and just gave in on the last book of the series. Just turned out the Bella was perfect to be a vampire so I could say that all the arguing and rejections on the first three books was crap). But really, two thumbs up for Meyer’s books!

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