Why Clean Air Ducts?

Why Clean Air Ducts?

HVAC system cleaning, also known as air duct cleaning, may provide many benefits to the building occupants if the service is performed thoroughly and effectively by an ACCA member company using the most powerful air duct cleaning machinery in the industry. The machinery will allow the company to perform the strength vacuum air wash method of air duct cleaning, which virtually has nearly no limitations in cleaning capabilities to effectively remove all contamination in an air duct system. Companies that use shop vac kind machinery or carpet cleaning attachments will not provide any assistance to the service, because very often shop vac kind machinery is very limited in allowing a technician to remove all contamination from the air ducts. I have listed and explained the benefits that an occupant might experience after having the air ducts cleaned thoroughly and effectively from the strength vacuum air wash method in air duct cleaning.

* Increased Efficiency=Lower Energy Costs.

(For example, a clogged evaporator wire causes air conditioners to run 20% less efficiently on average versus a clean evaporator wire according to ASHRAE. Did this dirt just magically appear, or did the furnace seemingly pull this dirt by the filter and over time an unavoidable build up occurred inside of the air ducts? More than likely furnace filters are rated to catch a percentage of contamination to a particular micron size and the remaining percentage of contamination is blown to the inside of the evaporator wire by the furnace blower. This would make it conclusive that dirt does in fact move around in a forced air ventilation system. If dirt did not move around in a ventilation system, then there would be no need to continue a furnace filter. Most, if not all professionally licensed HVAC companies and or contractors will always recommend that you continue a furnace filter, which is in place to capture circulating dirt, dust or debris). It also has conclusively been proven true that possible unhealthy molds and bacteria can grow on an evaporator wire see the Center for Disease Control’s informative pdf at their website to learn more. Clean HVAC elements will function to peak performance and efficiency versus dirty HVAC elements and parts.

* Obstructions removed in a ventilation system in all instances if the debris is present, will consequence in increased airflow. (For example when an HVAC specialized sizes your air duct system certain rounds are rated to produce a certain amount of CFM of airflow. These CFM measurements can change based on allot of different factors such as trunk line dimensions, supply pipe length distances, the number of elbows present and the diameter of the supply pipe. Hypothetically lets just say a 6″ diameter supply round was built to unprotected to a rating of 118 CFM of airflow and hypothetically lets just say a 3″ diameter beer can was present in the round left over from construction. Do you think that a 3″ diameter of remaining diameter would allow 118 CFM of airflow nevertheless? We didn’t think so either. That beer can in fact, reduces the amount of CFM the supply pipe is able to blow out and it is a good idea to remove obstructions out of the ventilation system so that your supply vents blow the way they were designed to.

* Save money on costly equipment repair. (For example, filthy blower motors function at higher amp draws causing the blower motor to consume more energy and to function harder than the motor would have operated if the motor was maintained clean. It would be logical to understand that if a blower motor operates at a higher amp draw versus a lower amp draw that the motor would naturally function hotter and hence would burn out sooner as a consequence. Very often it is cheaper for the homeowner to pay for a whole house air duct cleaning than it is to pay for a new blower motor. Getting a longer life expectancy out of an expensive blower motor is a good idea. Did the blower motor come equipped with a built in dirt manufacturing plant? We didn’t think so either. More than likely the dirt traveled by the ventilation system and over time a build up occurred to make the blower motor dirty.

* You may experience less dust accumulation throughout your home as a consequence to having this service performed. (For example, different micron (sized matter) has varying weights due to the composition of the matter and its respective micron size. Some matter will not move in the air stream because it is too heavy to move and the CFM of the airflow will not effect that matter, while finer micron matter that infiltrated by the furnace filter (remember furnace filters capture a percentage of airborne contamination which is not 100% and to a rated micron size) will continue to blow out of the ductwork and be drawn back in by the return air vents, which are air intakes. Overtime a buildup occurs and when the build up becomes a meaningful amount, the ventilation system which of rough is a circulatory system will begin to release fine micron matter to a higher level versus if 99 % of this matter was source removed by an occasional air duct cleaning. Would you never clean your bedspread sheets because you were aware of the fact that the bedspread sheets could get dirty again over time? Certainly not, that is disgusting and is not very good hygiene to continue. So sometimes cleaning out the ventilation system would be a good idea, but if done properly would certainly not need to be performed every year if it was performed by a superior strength vacuum air sweep method in air duct cleaning, which will effectively remove 99% of ventilation contamination build up and sometimes greater amount depending on the composition of the matter and if it was heated on overtime or removed right away after construction.

* Breathe healthier air! A term called sick building illness is an actual medical fact. It is not often that this situation occurs, but has been recorded to occur at various places and times. The most well known incident happened back in 1976 when an American Legion meeting occurred in a building in Philadelphia. This incident in fact produced the term Legionella derived from Legion in American Legion. Legionella which is a bacteria, produced by moisture, trace nutrients (dirt) and the correct temperature had grown in an air conditioning system and resulted in the worst Legionnaire sudden increase in world history. This bacteria, was delivered by forced air by the ventilation system and by early August (1976) news organizations across the country were reporting that 6-14 of the men in Pennsylvania had died. Visit the New York Times website and search for 1976 Legionella sudden increase to learn more. Did the legionella grow wings and aim at a specific target on its own accord? We didn’t think so either. The legionella was delivered by forced air produced by an air handler blower and was delivered by the air ducts. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the HVAC system was sometimes cleaned out. Every Federal building sometimes has an HVAC system cleaned out throughout America. Is there something that the Federal government is aware of that the average citizen is not aware of?

Article By: Mike Meincke Managing Member Lucky Duct, LLC http://www.luckyduct.net

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