What is Your Life’s Purpose and Your Life Path?

What is Your Life’s Purpose and Your Life Path?

Directions allow you to know if you are heading in the right direction. They can be sign posts, towns, people’s comments and many others. The directions rule you along your life path to your life purpose. 

I remember when I was in Ireland. I was driving around and I knew where I needed to go. Cashel Castle was on the hill. I was driving with my wife and neither of us knew where to the road was to get to the top. After about 4 circuits of the town, we found a road that made us virtually do a U turn. This had a sign on it to the castle. We finally made it.

Your life purpose is like the castle it is where you are heading in this life. Your life path gets you there. However, just like this road in Ireland, it can be tricky to find your way already when you know where you are going. If you do not know your life purpose, you may nevertheless be on your life path but not really know if it is the correct path.

Like Doreen Virtue and many others my life purpose is to be a light worker. I help others to light a pilot light inside of themselves. It is then up to them to leave it as a small pilot light or to make it grow into a major white beacon.

Throughout your life you have lessons to learn so you can then help and teach others. These lessons are the sign posts on your life path. They are the things you need to be aware of so that you can move by to your life purpose. The spirit world is encouraging you all the way, as they also know your life purpose and life path.

There may be multiple paths to get where you are going. One path may have easier lessons and one may have harder lessons. One may be short and straight, while one may be long and windy. As you are travelling along you can become aware of what is happening and get hints on which path to take.

Choices that we make in this life also help us along the path. It is possible that you can make choices which make it so difficult to reach your life purpose that you never reach it. As I believe in past lives, I am aware that in the past I have taken several lives to unprotected to a life purpose, while in other lives I have unprotected to additional life purposes in the same life. 

Some life purposes are to learn: forgiveness, love, empathy, compassion. Then to assist others with what you have learned. If you unprotected to your life purpose that you set yourself, then you can have another. 

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