What Is Distributed PV strength Generation?

Distributed PV strength generation specially refers to the time of action that converts solar energy into electricity directly by PV modules. This often works in a system, and so it is also called distributed PV strength system. This is a new style strength generation method with a great prospect. This system generates electricity in nearby areas and is connected to the nearby utility grid. Also, the electricity it generates can be used at hand. It cannot only enhance the generated electricity amount, but also it can effectively avoid electricity consumption when its voltage is raised or transmitted.

Today’s most widely used solar PV system is the distributed system which is installed on a rooftop. This system must be connected to the utility grid, with which it supplies electricity to nearby citizens.

Features of the system:

Firstly, its output strength is comparatively small. Generally speaking, a distributed PV strength project’s capacity is within thousands of watts. Different from a concentrated PV strength system, the size of it affects little of the electricity generating efficiency. consequently, this affects little of its financial output. A small PV strength system’s income is not necessarily lower than that of a large one.

Secondly, it doesn’t pollute the ecosystem and is good for a personal ecosystem and the public ecosystem. This PV strength plant doesn’t produce noise while working, nor does it do harm to air or water. Currently, environmental problems are becoming more and more noticeable. Once this project is introduced and used, it will help us reduce the seriousness of environmental problems.

Thirdly, this method can also release the pressure for some areas where electricity is lacking. This system’s energy density is comparatively low, for in each square meter, its strength is merely 100 watts, and rooftops where solar modules can be installed are limited. consequently, to get rid of the electricity lacking problem, this is not the perfect method although its advantages are obvious.

Fourthly, it can be used to generate and supply electricity. A large-extent ground strength plant adopts the voltage-raised strength transmission network but this is only a strength plant. However, a distributed PV strength plant adopts the strength dispensing network.

Where it is used:

A distributed PV solar system can be used in villages, ranches, mountains, cities, and buildings around business districts, which method it can be widely used and indeed it has been widely used to generate electricity and supply it to numerous families.

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