What Are the Most Popular Brand of Drums?

What Are the Most Popular Brand of Drums?

Though there’s lots of drums to choose from, they are not all built the same. Those who aren’t musicians tend to consider any acoustic set of drums comprised of a bass, snare, rides and cymbals to be all the same quality. An interesting way to think about it to listen to Bill Kreutzman, the drummer from the Grateful Dead who said there’s no one instrument as an acoustic drum kit, each piece in a kit is a separate instrument. Here are the companies that produce the most popular drums around.

Pearl is a substantial, reputable drum company that ha been making drums for over half a century. Just ask the drummers from Santana, Lynrd Skynrd, Alice Cooper, or Government Mule. They’re a vintage name in the industry because they build great sounding drums of tremendous quality. They’re lasting on the road. But you don’t need to be a rock star to justify owning them. So long as you’ve determined you want to keep playing drums, and you’re beyond the stage where it’s a trial, buying a substantial instrument is a terrific investment. Pearl drums have a fantastic bass sound at the low end, and they’re rides and cymbals have that typical tone that’s made the company famous the world over. It’s every drummers desire to have their products in their kit!

Another famous company in music is Gretsch, and their drum sets are of the same high quality of the other instruments they make. The label’s been able to claim mythical jazz drummers like Art Blakey and “Poppa” Jo Jones, but like with any company, don’t let the big names convince you they’re too good for you! Any kit you’re going to buy involves a important sum of money, but Gretsch kits can be really affordable and they’re a great value. The various wooden shells they use are high quality, so it gives a sharp attacking sound balanced against warm, low end frequencies. It’s important not to have a lopsided balance in terms of sonic dynamics, and this is the philosophy of Gretsch drums. Not to mention, they have a really hot oldschool look!

Another substantial name in the industry and creator of terrific products is Yamaha. There’s hardly an instrument they don’t make. Students around the world buy their products because of their high quality and tremendous value, but there’s no shortage of professionals armed with Yamaha kits. The company goes to great lengths to create a product that’s got the warmth instruments only get after they’ve been played for years, specifically in their Phoenix form. It’s made in a laboratory, not a factory. This way, they’re able to get that warm feel instruments take on after they’ve had vibrations go by them for decades! After forty years of making drums, they’re nevertheless pushing the limits and coming up with new designs and technologies. It’s no surprise so many people go with Yamaha.

All in all, going with a company that’s been pumping out quality for years is a sure-fire way to get undeniable quality. Just always be sure to sit with at any rate instrument you’re considering buying and play it yourself to make sure it’s got the right sound and the right fit. Have fun playing!

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