Ways to Belize – In and Out

Ways to Belize – In and Out

Belize is the only English speaking British Commonwealth Country in Central America. Cocooned between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize opens out her heart into the Caribbean Sea. Very close to the United States and Canada, only a associate of hours of flying will bring you here. Enjoy activities such as hiking, horseback riding, bird-watching, caving, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing, scuba diving and fishing in Belize at affordable costs.

Or, simply relax with the sun, water, and the quiet.


A valid passport good for at the minimum 6 months past the departure date is required along with proof of return. Citizens of the United States, British Commonwealth Nations, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and Canada can be here without visas. Others should enquire at their local Belizean Consulate or Embassy for visas. A stay of 30 days is typically granted for the tourists, and one can go to Belize City and apply for the stay to be extended for six months by paying a small fee.

Airways into Belize

If you want to bring in your own aircraft, you must go into Belize by Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City. Make sure to acquire permission from the Chief Civil Aviation Officer, 48 hours prior to your arrival. Documents shall be inspected and a normal flight plan must be filed along with the required fee. except your own aircraft, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Taca and Aeromexico are operating regular flights. It only takes a associate of hours to be here from Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas, or New Orleans, Louisiana.

Passport and travel documents must be made obtainable to go by the customs. except your personal items only 200 cigarettes or ½ pound of tobacco goods, 20 ounces of alcohol, and a bottle of personal perfume are allowed.

Waterways: Sail in your way

The sea route can be adventurous and perfectly enjoyed. The Caribbean Sea is beautiful, and the voyage could add an enjoyable part to your journey into Belize. However, the boats must clear customs and go into at Belize City, Dangripa, Punta Gorda, Big Creek or San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

Arriving by Land : excursion in

Choose this route if you are willing to enjoy the rough-and-tough. The rough roads will almost take three to six days from Texas by Mexico. Make sure to bring along your driving license, or permit along with means registration certificates. You would need a permanent import permit for the means to cross the Mexican border, and which the Belize Customs Officials would very well provide. Do not speed, and stick to the right side of the roads.

A liability or third party insurance is also required. Also, if you do not have an International Driving Permit, you would require a permanent driving permit, and this can be obtained from the Chief Licensing Officer in Belize City. You could already bring in your Caravan, however overnight parking in public places is not allowed.

Moving Around

You could also rent a car or a golf-cart in Belize City for which a valid driver’s license is required. Having a car is a great way to experience Belize.

Belize is only 68 miles wide, and 180 miles long. So fill in your gas tanks, and remember not to pick-up hitch-hikers, or to excursion overnight. Bus sets are also obtainable around Belize. Novello’s, Z-Line, Betty’s and Venus can take you to all major towns.

Room & Boarding Costs

If you are travelling on a budget, you can vacation for as little as $40 a day on mainland Belize, while transportation will be additional. Room and boarding in upscale lodges and good hotels runs from $100 to $150 per day. Outfitted group adventure trips at upscale all inclusive lodges range from $100 to $150 a day. Reservations are always a good idea and don’t forget to ask for group discounts.


There are several commercial edges in Belize City. Atlantic Bank Limited, Alliance Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclay’s Bank PLC and Belize Bank Limited would be eager to help you if required.

Credit Cards & Travelers Checks

Most hotels, restaurants and stores accept all major credit cards. Small vendors and storekeepers in rural areas may accept only cash, or traveler checks. All major credit card companies may be contacted at all of the commercial edges in Belize City.

money Exchange Rate

The local money is the Belize dollar. One US dollar is equal to two Belize dollars. However US dollars are also accepted countrywide.

So Long – for now

It may be hard to say good-bye to Belize, however, consoling yourself that you’d soon be back may help. The days of the Sun, Water and Quiet would always be here for you, whenever you like or you may wish to buy your dream vacation Belize character from one of the more reputable community in Belize.

Departure Duties

A US $20 tax is charged while leaving Belize, and payable only in cash. This is however not applicable if you are leaving Belize within 24 hours. A US $.75 security fee is payable when entering Belize by plane, and going onto another in Belize flights. There is a visa charge of US $5 on entering Guatemala (for site seeing) by the western border; and a departing tax of US $3.50 is charged while leaving Belize on this western side.

This charge is deductible at the Airport from the US $20 departure tax when you are leaving Belize.

However, remember that Belize is ever willing and always inviting.

So long for now!

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