Watch the Top Films of 2008 on Satellite TV

Watch the Top Films of 2008 on Satellite TV

Tropic Thunder: Arguably this film isn’t for everyone. But it is a very fine comedy; it walks a between the ridiculous and the dark. Most notable is Robert Downey Jr.’s performance in this Hollywood spoof. Downey Jr. plays a famous Australian actor who undergoes a controversial skin pigmentation treatment in order to play black American soldier. already though things take a wrong turn when the film becomes reality and the cast and crew of the war movie find themselves dodging real bullets, Downey’s character stays in character and the consequence is hilarious. Jack Black and Ben Stiller also star in this comedy.

Batman: The Dark Knight: Fans of Batman will be pleasantly surprised by this installment directed by Christopher Nolan. This is possibly the best of the Batmans so far. It goes beyond standard comic book fare and takes a jump into the tragic. The set is steeped in a gloomy, gothic air and the HD action is high octane. Heath Ledger sports a smarmy, over extended grin as the Joker while Christian Bale plays a cool in addition conflicted Bruce Wayne/Batman. Catch this one on your satellite TV movie channels.

Synecdoche: From the incredible brain of Charlie Kaufman comes this absolute gem of a movie. The film stars the bright Philip Seymour Hoffman as a theater director who’s become engulfed in this long running rehearsal that acts a s a reflection on life itself. There’s a blurring of lines and characters which evokes the hair thin line between real life and fiction. Synecdoche should be seen at the minimum twice.

Slumdog Millionaire: This was undoubtedly a crowd favorite. People simply loved the uplifting tale of an Indian boy who rises up from the slums of Bombay to become a millionaire. Directed by Danny Boyle, this was the feel good movie of 2008. It has drama, music, action, and poignancy. Watch the sweeping cinematography in nothing less than high definition.

Rachel Getting Married: Anne Hathaway takes a emotional turn in this movie about family ties. Hathaway plays Kim, a recovering drug addict who has just gotten out of rehab just in time to see her sister Rachel getting married. Old family tension resurfaces and tempers flare. The movie has gotten much basic acclaim for its portrayal of smart, honest and strong characters.

Revolutionary Road: Kate and Leo team up once again to bring this cult typical to the big screen. Although some fans of the book were dismayed by the end consequence, the film is actual beautifully done. It’s restrained and bold and gets to the heart of suburban life. This isn’t the sort of reality overdose you’d see on regular satellite TV. It’s got thoroughness and edge.

Wall-E: A robot stars in this animated film. Wall-E is truly a solar powered robot designed to sort by garbage. Earth, however, has long since been abandoned (there’s simply too much filth and trash), so the little robot is left all alone. This is great entertainment with a chilling message.

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