War Machine – Unity Complete Project

War Machine - Unity Complete Project


This is a racing game with two play modes. One is an endless mode and the other one is a level-based mode in two different locations with 25 levels each. Your goal is to reach the finish line with as much HP as possible. There are many different obstacles in your way, like boxes, TNT boxes, cars, hills and etc. Hitting these obstacles will reduce your HP and you will lose the game if your HP reaches zero. But there are two way to get past these obstacles. One is to excursion around them and the other one is to shoot and explode them! You have normal bullets and missile which are clearly more powerful. Your ammunition is limited and you can get more by collecting them along the way. There are also nitro contributes and repair strength ups along the way that can be very helpful. So try not to get exploded and reach the finish line!

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  • Admob(Banner, interstitial)
  • 50 levels in total
  • 2 different locations
  • 3 stars rating system
  • Endless mode
  • Various obstacles
  • Two kinds of ammunitions
  • 2 strength ups
  • Increasing difficulty curve
  • Easy to customize


  • Unity 3D version 2018.4.11 or higher


Install unity 2018.4.11 or higher version to load up the project and see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc.

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