VoIP Logger – Very Useful in Call Centers

VoIP Logger – Very Useful in Call Centers

Call recording and logging using VoIP logger has become very important with the enormous change in technology and the working habits of people which have become more mobile these days. The recording of the calls take place on recording systems which use software for call management and security. Most of the software applications used in call recording rely on the analog signal by using either call recording adapter or telephony board.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an internet technology, Communication protocol and transmission technology which delivers voice communication and multimedia session over internet. VoIP is also a synonym for IP telephony, voice over broadband, IP telephony and broadband telephony. Due to the bandwidth efficiency and cheap rate, business houses are increasingly migrating to VoIP from the traditional PSTN which helps them in reducing their monthly telephone costs. VoIP solution has evolved in a unified communication service which treats phone calls, voice mail, email, and fax and web conference sets. The service providers mainly focus on small to medium business (SMB) and large business houses. VoIP allows voice in addition as data communication which runs on a single network helping in reducing the infrastructural cost and to record and log the calls made using this technologies, a VoIP logger needs to be installed.

Sometimes the important discussions over a phone may get lost due to technical problems and the situation becomes irritating if the information which was lost matters most for the person or the business perspective as the business may suffer from the problem in the future also as the lost conversation can not be recovered. So to avoid this kind of problem, organizations install VoIP logger system which is a form of digital voice logger. It also has some progressive features like counting total number of calls made; record the call conversations and so on. Recording calls help in keeping the record of every call made over VoIP system so that the same can used as a checkpoint in future to solve the issues and concerns, if any. This also helps the business houses in archiving their business radio channels.

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