Using Emile Coue’s Autosuggestion For Self Healing

Using Emile Coue’s Autosuggestion For Self Healing

Have you heard of Dr. Emile Coue, a French psychologist and pharmacist who lived in the early 1900s? He is, arguably, one of the fathers of the self-help movement. His discovery (some would already say invention) of autosuggestion made it possible for many people to cure themselves of illnesses which failed standard medical treatment. It is truly unfortunate that the modern world prefers to concede his famous current, Sigmund Freud while relegating Dr. Coue to the shadows.

Emile Coue and Sigmund Freud lived in exciting times – hypnotherapy had quite recently been discovered and was slowly becoming accepted in medicine. Both men had access to the two leading medical hypnotists in all of France. Where Coue studied at their feet, Freud studied *them*.

Autosuggestion was born when Emile Coue combined his discovery of the placebo effect (it had no name at that point of time) and combined it with the medical hypnotism that he had learned. He discovered that the human mind had a greater influence over the human body than had before been suspected. He learned that where a physical cure failed, a hypnotic cure could be effected. at the minimum for a little while. Unfortunately, the patients tended to suffer a relapse.

However, when these patients additional a special affirmation to their regular habits, these cures became long-lasting. Not only that, but many patients reported that other secondary illnesses miraculously cleared up on their own. What was this special affirmation? “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” This affirmation was recited 20 times every morning right after waking up and 20 times every night right before going to bed. It was to be recited verbally, softly, with faith but without force or effort.

Today, a hundred years since the time Emile Coue lived, modern scientists have discovered many different proofs of the mind-body connection. There is, as however, no clear mechanism postulated for the near-miraculous healings experienced by Coue’s patients. However, the placebo effect is known and used in testing the effectiveness of new drugs. Top sportsmen and sportswomen use mental imagery to enhance their performance. Biofeedback, autogenics and progressive muscle relaxation are all comparatively modern techniques used to help over-stressed people relax and gain relief from both mental in addition as physical strain.

With what we now know, the rationale offered by Emile Coue one hundred years ago on the various phrases in his affirmation and the way to say it nevertheless makes sense. His simple affirmation, recited without strain when the person is usually at his or her most relaxed mental and physical state, shoots straight into the subconscious mind and completely bypassing the defences typically erected by the conscious mind.

In America, the self-help books written by Norman Vincent Peale, Robert H. Schuller, and W. Clement Stone are nevertheless bestsellers. The works of these authors have helped a great many people to rule better lives. What is not well-known is that these men were inspired by Emile Coue’s discoveries.

One might surprise if the simple “Day by day…” formula nevertheless holds any relevance today. After all, there are so many newer and more complex techniques obtainable – NLP, Silva system, Sedona technique, EFT, 7th Path, etc. That is, indeed, a valid consideration. However, sometimes, for some people, there is nevertheless value in going back to basics. When someone is forced to live a complicated life, having a simple mechanical self-help technique obtainable can be very helpful indeed.

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