US passes 700K dead from coronavirus — more than the population of Bos…

WaPo to Boston: Drop dead?

Well, that paraphrase of the New York Daily News’ tabloid typical — “Ford to City: Drop Dead” as the feds declined to bail out the Big Apple in the 1970s — might be a bit of an overstatement, but The Washington Post did run an strange headline musing about the center’s decline: “The pandemic death toll is now the equivalent of all of Boston dropping dead.”

Political columnist Philip Bump’s Friday piece largely isn’t truly about Boston, but he does use a associate more sentences ruminating on center residents’ deaths than one might expect in a non-Massachusetts coronavirus examination.

“The extent of the pandemic is now the equivalent of the complete population of Boston dying over the time of 20 months,” Bump wrote. “At an average speed of 50 people per hour since Trump’s first news conference in February 2020 — just shy of one per minute — every single person in Boston would be collapsing to the ground.”

On a serious observe, the comparison does technically keep up water. The U.S. just passed 700,000 dead from the virus nationwide, per the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker — a number that includes, based on both “confirmed” and “probable” situations, more than 18,600 Bay Staters and 1,400 Bostonians, per local and state data.

Per the 2020 Census, Boston has a population of 684,012.

The most recent seven-day average of deaths in this state is about 13. Though that’s orders of extent below the daily numbers from the first peak of the pandemic — and nevertheless well below the second peak from this past winter — deaths in Massachusetts keep a reality, as they do across the country.

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