Unable to Receive Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Email on BlackBerry?

Unable to Receive Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Email on BlackBerry?

One of the popular features or functionality of the BlackBerry Smartphone is the ability to send and receive email from different service providers such as Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and many others. Like any other electronic device sometimes things can happen to cause you to be unable to send and or receive email on the BlackBerry and today I will go by some of the top resolutions to fix this issue.

Phone sets Changed

Sometimes the sets on your phone can be changed at your carrier end. This is not very shared but can happen and making a simple phone call to your carrier and asking them to verify that the correct sets are on the BlackBerry account can often show if this is the issue or not. If you are unable to send and or receive email try sending a PIN message if this fails than it is likely due to a carrier network issue.

Corrupt Service Books

Service books are basically like computer drivers or small files that tell the apps on the BlackBerry how to run and what to do when they receive certain commands. At times these can become corrupt and stop working correctly. While the service books mostly affect the ability to send email I have found that deleting the (your email)[CMIME] entry by going to:

Software Version 5

Options -> progressive Options -> Service Book -> (Your Email)[CMIME]

Highlight the above entry and then press the menu or blackberry button and then press “Delete”.

Software Version 6

Options -> Device -> progressive System Settings ->Service Book -> (your Email)[CMIME)

Highlight the above entry and then press the menu or BlackBerry button and then press “Delete”.

and then going into the mail setup application on your device, logging in and then pressing the BlackBerry button choosing “Service Books” and then choosing the option to “Resend Service Books” can often resolve the inability to send and or receive email.

BlackBerry Firewall is Enabled

All BlackBerry smartphones running 5.0 and 6.0 device software has a built-in firewall that can blog incoming messages, one of these being email from the BlackBerry Internet Service. In order to resolve this issue you will have to go into this firewall and make sure that the BIS or BES entry is not being confined. This can be done by going to:

Device Software 5.0

Options -> Security -> Firewall – make sure that the BIS item is not checked. If BIS is checked, simply uncheck it, click the menu button and then click the option to save changes.

IT Policy Blocking Email

If you’re BlackBerry is on a corporate server, or you have received your BlackBerry used it could be possible that a restriction called an “IT Policy” was placed on your BlackBerry that is causing you not to be able to send or receive email to the device. This can be verified by checking to see in the firewall or in the service book areas as stated above if there is a small lock beside the BIS or the email entry.

Leave Copy on Server’

The BlackBerry pulls email directly from the mail server whether you’re using business email, Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo or in any case. A lot of people will use Outlook or some other kind of mail client to grab this email off the server in addition and deliver it to the users’ computer. Sometimes what can happen is that the email client such as outlook will be set to delete the email off the server when it grabs it. If this is done before the BlackBerry can get a keep up of the message of the actual mail server then this could cause you to not be able to receive email. Make sure that you’re mail client settings are set to keep a copy of the message on the mail server.

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