typical Game Review: Zossed in Space

Zossed in Space is a machine language program that challenges you to pilot your trading ship by 100 sectors of space, conquer a variety of problems, build up 100 trading units and destroy 10 enemy ships. You have 3 ways of fuelling, 2 ways of accumulating trading units and dozens of ways of getting killed in the attempt. Your ship moves from the bottom of the screen to the top for each sector. As it appears at the bottom of the next sector, the scene changes. And should a piece of anti-matter or a meteorite be sitting there BANG.

There are over a dozen different types of sectors, from a maze of anti-matter, to a black hole, to a vortex. Once you have been by them a few times you will find a strategy which will usually get you past. Some of them are so totally random that they defy examination. Beating this will not be a break, no matter how much experience you have. One other interesting thing about Zossed in Space is the use of sound. It is not just an embellishment as, in many situations, it is the only warning you will get that a problem has cropped up.

While this is an arcade style game, graphics are it’s weakest characterize. Surprisingly, this ceased to bother me after I had played a few games. The without of a save game routine annoyed me more, though you can put the game on keep up while answering the phone or putting out dinner. This is the kind of game you can introduce to a visitor with only a associate of minutes instruction, in addition as play yourself on a continuing basis. If you find yourself stuffing too many quarters into arcade machines, this is a fairly good different. My rating for this game is 2.9 out of 5.

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