The Real Cause of Autoimmune Disease

The Real Cause of Autoimmune Disease

Some years ago, a number of Japanese scientists and researchers had written a document that has, seemingly, never been translated into English.

It states that between the year 1900 and the end of World War II, most of the diseases on our planet were, what the Japanese termed, “diseases of contagion” This simply meant that most of these disorders were credited to an outside pathogen entering the body. What with the introduction of antibiotics, certain vaccinations, and some drugs, these diseases of contagion were effectively controlled.

In this document, the Japanese go on to say that since the end of World War II, up to the present time, most of the disorders on our planet are no longer “diseases of contagion” but “diseases of the toxic burden on the body”.

What Then consists of The Toxic Burden On The Body?

World War II ended rather abruptly with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many American and Allied warehouses contained chemicals like ammonium nitrate used in the war effort. Since both the Japanese and the Germans had or were soon to surrender, teams of scientists were commissioned to find a way to recycle some of these chemicals in a nonmilitary way.

Many of these chemicals, like ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrate were found to be excellent food preservatives. This discovery transformed the food scenery in the United States. Before the War, most of the food supply came from the farm, was picked when it was mature, and delivered to local markets. There was, of course, a limited shelf life, as these were whole, non-preserved foods.

After the war, packaged foods expanded in the market. Not only could the shelf life be extended, but also foods, both packaged and whole, could be trucked to many non-local markets. Inventories could be vital for long periods of time all over the country. I remember my Swanson TV Dinners as a kid in the 1950’s. My mother’s work was being made easier, food companies were turning quite a profit, and the government’s new ideas on modern farming were being set. Modern society was emerging.

Chemical plants abounded after the war, as the emphasis was that technology was to create more leisure for the American family – and to turn a profit! It was, after all, part of “The American Dream”. Petroleum by-products flooded our markets; it was in almost everything. As a consequence, our ecosystem became burdened with the volatile organic compounds that are the unexpected of petroleum manufacture. And, of course, with Eisenhowers’ emphasis on a modernization of the American roadways, car production increased. Along with the volatile organic chemicals released by car exhaust, there was the burden of rule, mercury and other heavy metals.

And America helped Japan and Germany do the same in their reconstruction efforts.

Technology was modernizing the global scenery. But at what cost?

How Do These Toxins Store In The Body?

The human body is a wonderful mechanism. There are self-regulations, checks and balances happening all the time to ensure our survival. We do not feel them or know that they are happening, but the body helps to protect against a fair amount of abuse. With the emerging toxic insult on our planet, however, our bodies are a reflection of the abuse that has been heaped on the planet itself. Our bodies were never meant to manager the levels of burden that most of us have been exposed to but they keep doing the best they can. And they keep adapting.

One kind of adaptation can rule to the very symptoms of autoimmune disorder itself.

When the body is exposed to a toxic load of chemicals or heavy metals or plastics, etc, it adapts by taking the poison out of the bloodstream (to help its survival) and sequestering it into the fatty tissue. This is considered a safer storage than in the bloodstream itself.

Our bodies then release chemicals to transform these fat-soluble poisons into a water-soluble form so that they can be deleted by the stool and the kidney. However, the higher the toxic load, the more compromised the detoxification pathways and the more overtaxed the organs of elimination. consequently, this bio-accumulation of contaminants stays stored in the organs and tissue. While there, they compete for the same biological space as many nutrients. consequently, one becomes both poisoned AND undernourished.

To add insult to injury, these contaminants create a hospitable ground where opportunistic organisms can thrive. This can rule to a yeast and fungal overgrowth in the small intestine, in addition as to the increase of bad bacteria, parasites, and a condition called leaky gut, where more toxins from the gut “leak’ into the bloodstream.

All of this triggers what the Japanese call “diseases of the toxic burden”.

What Is The Autoimmune Reaction To All Of This?

When bio-accumulation in the gut and in the tissue becomes extremely elevated, or when a poison is introduced into the bloodstream in a condition of “leaky gut”, this triggers a reaction where auto-antibodies are released. The initial intention of these auto-antibodies is to find these toxins, these pathogens, and to inflame them so that the white blood cells can use the inflammation as markers to destroy these invaders. However, because this toxic insult is so common, and because this auto-antibody release is 24/7, surrounding healthy tissue also gets inflamed, a sort of collateral damage. After a while, cellular communication breaks down completely and the auto-antibodies cannot discriminate between a pathogen and one’s own healthy tissue. This is when the complete force of the body’s immune function turns on itself – a case of misplaced immunity or autoimmunity.

The more the planet carries this burden, the more human bodies carry this burden – and the more the body adapts in creative and confused ways. Many of the autoimmune disorders that are so common now were not around already 25 or thirty years ago. Thirty-five years ago, did you know anybody with fibromyalgia or environmental sensitivity or kind II diabetes or chronic fatigue? How about Autism or symptoms along that spectrum like attention deficit? How about “dry eye syndrome” or the numerous folks you meet who have a sluggish thyroid or a candida infestation? How about the increasing numbers of people who have gluten, casein, corn or soy sensitivities? How many people did you know 30 years ago who could not eat dairy? Or be in the same room as someone with perfume?

All these are autoimmune in character. And all these are triggered by the increasing toxic insult by our preserved, make-believe foods and by our ecosystem.

Modern man equals great creative innovations. And modern man also equals a slow destruction of the human organism.

The Final Say

We all believe that we “get” these disorders when, in actuality, we “do” these disorders, unintentional though it may be. Our health, or without of it, is the unexpected of our lifestyle choices: the foods that we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the attitudes and the stress that we keep up. It is said that “Genetics loads the gun, but ecosystem pulls the cause” and it is no more true than it is today. We cannot control our genetics, but we can make conscious, informed and loving choices about our ecosystem – both inner and outer terrains.

Very simply, the meaningful lies in taking the poison out of our tissue and brains AND in getting proper, whole food nutrition and supplements to our cells. Address our toxic load and the later undernourishment. This we can control!

The answers do not lie in a laboratory where someone is going to discover “the magic bullet” that saves us all. No one else can give us what we refuse to give ourselves. And no one can deny us what we freely give to ourselves.

There is no magic bullet. Never has been. Technology and the control by the vested interests is not the meaningful. Empowering yourself with honest information and then having the courage and the discipline to implement it into your life IS the meaningful.

Genetics DOES load the gun, but the cause does not HAVE to be pulled. It is up to each of us, first as individuals, and then as the collective. We can grow more conscious and more healthy together.

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