The Perfect Fireplace Door – 5 Tips For Buying the Right Fireplace Doo…

Purchasing a door to fit your new fireplace can be quiet a task. Most doors are a standard size meaning that prior to designing your plans do research on the shared size of doors or be sure that you can buy a door that fits properly.

Ask the Experts

If you are not comfortable making that decision you can always hire an expert to come out and measure the opening for you and then when you are ready the order can be placed to ensure that it will be obtainable by the time your project is done.

Get the right materials

With various types materials used to construct fireplace doors, which you can research on the internet or talk to your local fireplace and hearth store. You definitely want to make sure you choose the perfect strength coat finish. With there being so many to choose from make sure you do lots of research so that you want and do not regret your decision. There are various iron finishes, nickel, brass, anodized aluminum, pewter, and gold.

3. Check the thickness

Standard thickness of glass can range from 1/8, 3/16/and ¼ inch.

4. Pick your Finish

You can also choose different tints for your glass. If you just prefer it to be clear it will save you some additional money. Tinted glass comes with a bigger price tag so remember that to make you budget it in the total price you have set aside for this project. Glass is also obtainable in bronze or light gray smoked color. Tempered glass is used for a fireplace door because it can sustain high temperatures and it has a safety measure called thermal shock rating. Meaning it can sustain temperatures rising up to 400 degrees, the glass will break if exposed to the direct flame. Fires typically start slowly and rise in temperature at time goes on.

5. Safety First

What is the first thing we should remember when considering a fire place door? Safety of course, you want to ensure yourself that your home and family are safe from any sudden increase of fire. That is the reason you will need to select a fire screen for your fire place door. A fire screen mesh curtain gives you that additional protection on the interior of your fireplace. It looks like a curtain that slides back and forth on a special made track, just like a pair of window drapes. This is a wonderful safety characterize.

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