The iPhone 4G – Was Christmas Ruined?

The iPhone 4G – Was Christmas Ruined?

It was a bit like discovering your Christmas presents in the top of the wardrobe, ripping the wrapping paper to shreds, gorging on the chocolate, exhausting the novelty of the long-awaited toys and trying to piece the whole gruesome mess back together with the remaining sticky tape. Then getting told off by a enormous Apple. (Stay with me… ) So, Christmas morning, your parents try to fix grins on their faces while you all pretend that you are really a grateful, darling child and your forced exclamations of “Wow! Just what I wanted!” fall cold and empty…

HYPOTHETICALLY, I average. That’s a bit like what it feels to have the iPhone 4G “finally” revealed. Um, that’s really great, Steve, thanks. Never seen it before, honest, never in our lives, certainly not 2 whole months before the big show. (For those of you living under rocks, a 4G prototype was found in a bar and acquired by Gizmodo, who gave a complete review back in April) There’s something kinda ironic about the 4G tagline: “This changes everything. Again.”

Anywho, on June 7th 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the newest member of the iPhone family in his keynote address at the WWDC, claiming that “for 2010, we’re going to be taking the biggest jump since the original iPhone,” but adding, with good grace, “Stop me if you’ve seen this before… “

The show covered eight of the “hundreds” of new features, including:

– New, slimline design – at 9.3mm thick it is reportedly 24% thinner than the 3Gs
-Front facing camera for “facetime” conference calling
– Integrated wireless antenna, wifi, bluetooth & GPS
– Back facing 5MP camera and 720p HD video, with iMovie obtainable as an app for editing
– 3.5″ retina characterize screen with 960×640 pixel resolution – 4x the pixel count of past models
– Improved battery time – 7 hours of talk time and 6 hours of web browsing (on 3G networks), 10 hours of wifi browsing, 10 hours of video and 40 hours of music.
– obtainable in 16GB and 32GB versions from 24th June 2010 in the US, UK, Japan, France and Germany (pre-orders start on 15th June) and by the end of September it will be obtainable in 88 countries

Apple has also previewed the newest version of the iPhone operating system, OS 4.0, to be launched in the summer of this year. The system is boasting multitasking capabilities for third party applications, giving greater freedom to flick between programs and apps, to listen to music while you web browse or check info while you chat. 4.0 also integrates the iPad’s bookstore into the iPhone, the option of encrypted email and opens up opportunities for developers to place ads within applications – potentially a enormous new platform for mobile marketing.

So the question is: have the iPad, the iPhone 4G and OS 4.0 improved Apple’s universe enough to compete with the tsunami of Android-lovers on the horizon? Was the blow of the show softened too much by Gizmodo’s plot spoiler? Would things really be better sorted out if we just resorted to the Jobs vs Cutts fight club like we suggested in the first place? Perhaps. The first rule of the iPhone 4G is… you don’t talk about the iPhone 4G before it’s launched…

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