The Five Best Alec Baldwin Film Performances

The Five Best Alec Baldwin Film Performances

Alec Baldwin’s career has been extremely varied and taken many turns since his early days when he seemed destined to be a leading man in Hollywood for decades. Due to a number of unconvincing films, Baldwin has become a better character actor and comic performer over time. The number of awards handed over to him for 30 Rock have certainly made comedy a winning formula for Baldwin, but here are his top five film roles of all time, now on satellite TV.

5. Married to the Mob. A lot of fun for any movie lover, this film is a great early example of Baldwin excelling at comedy. Playing Frank “Cucumber” De Marco, Baldwin is alternately vicious and clueless. Starring Matthew Modine and Michelle Pfeiffer at her most gorgeous moment, this Jonathan Demme film has held up very well since its 1988 release. Often featured on the comedy networks in addition as IFC in HD, Married to the Mob is an intelligent comedy, something which is a rarity in our days of Frat Pack rule.

4. The Hunt for Red October. Baldwin plays CIA man Jack Ryan in this film, which established his reputation as both a serious actor and a box office draw. A tense Cold War drama that is a little slow in its pacing, the film took a few hits from the critics while delivering at the box office in a big way. Check HBO for show times and see Baldwin and Sean Connery go to work.

3. The Departed. In a role perfect for the middle-aged Alec, Baldwin plays a wise-cracking Boston cop and adds some levity to an otherwise nerve-wracking film. Featuring a terrific ensemble cast and the first Best Picture Oscar for director Martin Scorsese, The Departed is a must-see movie featured on Showtime in HD.

2. The Cooler. As casino owner Shelly, Baldwin spends a lot time trying to stop the changes now unavoidable in Las Vegas and all over the casino industry. For starters, he wants to keep his “cooler” (William H. Macy) in town, the man who can stop a hot streak. Enlisting a beautiful cocktail waitress to make life in Vegas irresistible for Macy, Baldwin desperately tries to keep the old ways intact. Watch this film on satellite TV’s premium networks.

1. Glengarry Glen Ross. One of the brashest moments you’ll ever see in a movie, Baldwin’s character steps in “as a favor to Mitch and Murray” and proceeds to chew out the real estate agents who are underperforming in their third-rate office. Written into the script by David Mamet (who alternation his mythical play), Baldwin takes the film to another level and lets Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino and Ed Harris finish the job. Watch this film on the Independent Film Channel on satellite TV.

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