The Favorite Receivers Of Oakland Raiders Great Kenny Stabler

Kenny Stabler is an icon to Raiders fans. He played for the team back during its 1970s heyday, and was one of the meaningful players that made them as successful as they were. The Raiders of that era were always one of the better teams in the league. They won division titles, conference titles, and already a Super Bowl too. For football fans of other teams and opposing players, seeing the Raiders come to town was not a good thing in the 1970’s. Part of what made the team great was the player they had lining up at quarterback, Ken Stabler.

Kenny Stabler had a lot of talent around him on offense and he made great use of it too. Those players ran precise routes and he was one of the best at delivering the ball in the perfect place. With him at quarterback and the great receivers playing for the Raiders, it is no surprise that they were successful and fun to watch. Who though were Kenny Stabler’s favorite receivers. Here is a list of the top five receivers based on touchdown passes caught by them from Stabler. It is easy to see here what players he had the most confidence in.

#1 – Cliff Branch (44)

#2 – Dave Casper (38)

#3 – Fred Biletnikoff (26)

#4 – Raymond Chester (12)

#5 – Mike Siani (8)

Kenny Stabler was blessed to have three very good and very reliable receivers for a large portion of his career. As is apparent from the list above, he relied on them immensely. In that list are perennial All Pro’s, fan favorites, and of course members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They play a big role in the reason why he is regarded as highly as he is today.

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