The Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

The Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Flooring must be tough and lasting. Homeowners use many different wood, stone and tile materials to create floors that will stand up to traffic, furniture and time. One very hard, lasting and beautiful material to create rare flooring is strand woven bamboo flooring. This flooring is truly already tougher than flooring famous for its durability such as hickory, cherry and oak wood flooring. Bamboo has the strength for many uses such as furniture, and becomes already harder and more lasting when put by a special manufacturing course of action that creates strand woven bamboo. the time of action doubles the hardness and strength of the bamboo.

There are many species of bamboo. The specie that produces the right material to make planks for strand woven bamboo floors is called Moso. the time of action involves cutting the bamboo plant into strips. Next the plant is boiled, which removes any sugary plant substance that could attract termites, making the bamboo planks virtually termite-proof. The boiled-bamboo strands are allowed to dry and then put under high pressure. The pressure, combined with a special adhesive, flattens the strands and molds them together into planks.

The end product is a very thick plank that is perfect for use as flooring that must persevere heavy traffic and the challenges of furniture, pets and children. The turn up is rare, creating a natura, lovely and uncommon wood effect that comes in a fine variety of wood hues to coordinate with any decor. Bamboo flooring is a much more environmentally-responsible wood choice. Bamboo grows rapidly, unlike trees. Bamboo cultivation is shared world-wide for its many uses and does not require any deforestation in order to create a wide variety of products from flooring to furniture.

Installation of strand-woven bamboo flooring is similar to other kinds of wood flooring. Installers can either apply it directly on an asphalt floor using glue, staples or nails. Another kind of installation is “floating” which makes it possible to install the bamboo planks anywhere in spite of of the floor’s foundation or the floor’s structure. Strand woven bamboo floors are an excellent choice when remodeling a home because of the ease of installation in addition as the beauty and durability that will provide years of service.

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