The Alchemist by Paul Cohelo

The Alchemist by Paul Cohelo

‘The Alchemist’ is a book written by Paul Cohelo. In this story a boy follows his dream to find a hidden treasure. During his journey Santiago meets various people like Crystal Merchant, Englishman, Alchemist etc. During his voyage he travels from his home to Spain, Tangier markets & by the hot scorching Egyptian Deserts. He gets crossed, gain wisdom, learns different languages. In Africa; Santiago acquired knowledge & went forward for his quest.

Many unforseen factors posed a threat to his victory. The more knowledge he acquired he began understanding that everything is destined & connected. His hard work & perseverance rewarded him with important comrades, like Alchemist who helped him realize his Personal Dream. He also fell in love with a girl; Fatima from the desert. His love for Fatima made him want to end his dream to search for the treasure & to build a life with her. She told him that he should not let love to stop his journey, and she promised to wait for his come back. The Alchemist is one of those esoteric books that make you feel nostalgic. It certainly plays on the feeling that “there is something however life has to offer to you” that you’ve to grow and the thought that you are part of a Almighty’s plan.

As you read Alchemist; you will think ”Why have you changed our path? What plan else is out there in our future that we will be doing? This book gives a feeling that what it is to live for dream? For the short span of time you will feel rejuvenated after you read this book. The main theme of this book is finding one’s destiny & is more of an eye opener self-help book. This book has changed the lives of many. This book made its mark in modern fantasy when it’s sales erupted more than 1.5 million across the world. As per Harper Collins 65 million books got sold of The Alchemist. It has been reproduced in 68 different languages & has made Cohelo world’s most translated living author.

already critics could not find a fault in this book and this book occupies place of bestseller in over 74 countries. Paul Cohelo’s style of writing is very lucid and fascinating. He has the possible to place the readers in the story as if they are a part of it. To sum it up The Alchemist is a wonderful book that everyone should read at the minimum once. I can’t add anything new to it

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