Termite Treatment – Whole-Structure, Localized and DIY Methods

Termite treatment for your home comes in various forms. In very minimal infestation situations, you can apply pest control products yourself, but, in most situations, you need to call extermination professionals to inspect and do the procedure.

Termites can secretly thrive in any home. They can live wherever there are wood, dead plants, food, moisture and warm climate. The feeding habits of termites are quite upsetting, since they can destroy a huge part of your character, already a whole house. From small items, such as books, photos, clothing and carpets, to comparatively big structures like whole furniture and building foundations, termites can cause costly damage.

Subterranean and drywood termites are the most shared types to move into homes. Subterraneans typically form in soil, where they build tunnels that give them access to food. Drywood types live in wood and wood products. Necessary extermination procedures depend on where the infested areas are and how serious the pest problem is.

Termite treatment can be localized or whole-structure. Localized procedure method treating only certain spots in the house and requires exact location of the infestation. This method involves drilling a hole in the identify where the pests are determined to be hiding. Insecticide is then applied only in that area. The non-chemical method, however, uses heat or microwave, instead of insecticide. Drilling holes, though, may also be necessary in non-chemical applications. Afterwards, you would most probably need to replace the whole wood structure to prevent it from being infested again.

Whole-structure extermination, whether chemical or non-chemical, requires covering of the whole house, usually with a tarpaulin material. Gas monitoring lines are utilized to spread exterminating chemicals, which can get rid of all infestations, including those unseen. Pets and plants need to be removed, since the whole house will not be livable for about 3 days or more. Similar to the localized procedure, heat can also be used in a whole-structure termite treatment. Advantage of this non-chemical method is that you need to vacate your home for only a few hours, not a few days like in using chemicals.

You can also use DIY extermination products bought from a hardware shop, but only when you are sure that the infestation is concentrated in a small area that is not attached to your house. If you are suspecting that the pests are affecting some portions of your house, it would be best to call pest control experts to determine the areas of infestation. Without a thorough knowledge about house construction and pest control, you might end up causing more damage to your home and to your wallet than you initially planned.

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