Termite Treatment Options and Cost

Termite Treatment Options and Cost

Each year termite infestations cause billions of dollars of damage. They damage trees, homes, shrubs, plants, books, paper, swimming pool filtrations systems and liners.

Homeowners who have the displeasure of these winged pests swarming inside their homes find it an emotionally trying experience. These creatures are slowly and methodically feasting on their largest investment.

Can I treat my termite problem myself?

In order to preserve the home, homeowners must control and eradicate the termites. But this can be costly. As a homeowner, you may believe this is something that you can do yourself. Termite treatment is not like changing a faucet or a doorknob it requires special skills.

Retail stores offer products, which will allow you to treat your home, but they seldom eradicate the termite problem.

Termite control requires specialized skill

specialized termite exterminators have special equipment-pumps, large-capacity tanks, drills, and soil treatment rods, which allow them to penetrate foundation walls in order to properly, address your termite problem.

Furthermore, the typical termite treatment involves hundreds of gallons of liquid pesticide, which is injected into the ground. This liquid is placed in strategic locations-within foundations walls, beneath slabs, and along your homes foundation.

Choose a licensed Termite Control Company

In order to treat your home properly you need a company that is licensed by either the Department of Agriculture or the local agency responsible for termite control regulation.

Request Termite Inspection

Request estimates and inspections from at the minimum two to three companies. This will help you to compare sets and verify that you have a termite problem.

How much will termite treatment cost?

Termite treatment costs varies depending on several factors-such as the total footage or your home, whether you have a pool, the size of the termite infestation, whether your garage is also infested, and what treatment kind will work best for your infestation.

The truth is that when it comes to cost you do have control over how costly it will be. You can opt for a treatment that is less expensive. However, it may not be the best treatment for your situation.

Termite treatment options

As a homeowner, you have several treatment options obtainable to you ranging from fumigation to repellents.

Repellents are placed in the soil around your home. The exterminator will drill holes into slabs and foundation walls to get at termites in hard to reach places.

Baits can also be used. With this treatment, monitors are placed below ground to detect termites in the area. Once they are detected baits are placed in the ground.

Non-toxic Termite Control options

already though insecticides have been deemed safe to humans and pets, many homeowners prefer to use non-toxic forms of termite control. Baiting stations, orange oil, microwaves and electricity, or heat treatments can be used. It is important to keep in mind that several of these treatments though cheaper are more effective with small infestations.

In order to get the best price in termite treatment control, shop around, compare sets, warranties, and prices in order to choose the option that is right for you.

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