Termite Infestation – How to Know If You Have One

Termite Infestation – How to Know If You Have One

Termites are white ants that live in colonies and get themselves into the wood or plaster. They eat wood as a food, but they are not able to digest it rather a parasite living in their stomach digests it. With the passage of time, infestation of termite is spreading like a fire in the forest and causing serious issues and heavy losses.

For the proper control of termites, it is necessary to get the know-how about the major signs of termite infestation. Types of termites are different in various countries of the world out of which two are the most shared.

Subterranean termite is the one that is infested from the soil by the fractures and hide itself in the wood. They also make nests above ground in case the worker ants cannot find the way to their parents. Dry wood is the second major kind of termite that lives in dry structures.

The first sign of termite infestation in the house from which you can get awareness about their presence is the group of winged termites said to be the swarms. It method that the king and queen termite have given birth to kids and now they are forming colonies. Their next step will be the infestation into the wood.

Now when you have seen the pile of swarms, soon you will come across another sign of termite infestation in the shape of mud tubes. In fact, these tubes are the shelter for them taking a little space like a pencil width. You will find mud tunnels underground, baseboard, concrete slabs and other hidden and dark places.

Damaged structure of wood identifies the termite infestation that you can observe with the help of a screw driver. Pay special attention towards checking the places of soil and wood contacts. The moist wood is the invitation to termites for infestation since they stick to wet walls for getting water.

An apparent sign of termite infestation is their dirty waste known as excrement or feces excreted by the protozoa living in their stomach. This matter is of wood color on which they satisfy.

An important sign of termite infestation under the paint is bubbling. They peel the paint and make holes. If you discover such symptoms, don’t take tension because a important loss doesn’t happen within days. It takes almost seven years. Contact the specialized detectors of termite so that you can conquer this loss in improvement by necessary treatment and continued checks.

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