Teenagers Yesterday and Today

Teenagers Yesterday and Today

Kids today have challenges they confront that are similar to those teenagers in the 1980’s. Similar but different. Peer pressure is nevertheless the biggest challenge everyone faces. The idea of experimenting on things like alcohol, drugs, and sex has not disappeared and undoubtedly will keep to be part of the scene. In the early 80’s one may have had unprotected sex and perhaps at the worse case scenario, had to find a cure for genital warts. Genital warts may have been an unsightly rite of passage then but these days, having unprotected sex with countless partners is a deadly risk. The contraction of HIV is a clear and present danger that if abstinence cannot be prevented, then the use of protective measures like a condom is the wise choice. Anything else may have fatal consequences. The presence of alcohol and underage drinking is nevertheless there. Tougher laws against Driving under the Influence or DUI under sanction of a conviction and a long-lasting record have perhaps reduced teen alcohol drinking and driving but it is impossible to eliminate that situation. Is it working? In some states like California, it has and this is a good sign. A life saved is worth every dollar spent.

It is also that this teenage society is growing up when information is easily accessed. They have all the tools and skill sets obtainable to learn about Information Technology and Computers. The prevalence of computer games have additional new skills to this generation and already new professions as there are a rise of specialized online gamers whose occupation is to compete in national and international contests which characterize teams of gamers competing in several types of computer games, head to head, against other teams in addition. It is advantageous to the computer game industry and the computer industry in addition. These days, the games are becoming so realistic and filled with graphics that are not just high and almost real, but responsive and alluring to their intended market. Gamers in a sense are salesmen or models who use their talent to sell such products. And when talking about Information Technology, we cannot discount the influence of the internet which made the world smaller indeed. The capability of this technology to make people from all over the world to correspond immediately, chat, exchange information and ideas has had some positive effects. There is more knowledge and useful information being passed around and shared by everyone.

Global communication has made people more tolerant of each other, especially when it comes to different cultures. This was not really possible 20 years ago. in any case the situation may be for teenagers now and teenagers in the 80’s, one thing is for sure. Free will and choice has always been present and the final decision and option is always made by the person involved. And in making that decision, comes the hard part, especially to any confused teenager, then and now.

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