Tarot Love Reading – Does He Really Love Me (Are Tarot Love Readings R…

Tarot readings about love and relationships are like any other tarot reading because they use the tarot cards to get a sense of the situation regarding your question. But a specialized tarot reader will have a natural intuition to insights of your current relationship from the kind of cards that are pulled from the tarot deck. But you in order to get an accurate reading, you must be very clear about the questions you ask.

1. Try to stay neutral to your question that you are asking. Being open minded is very important because the answer you are seeking may be different than what is interpreted by the tarot cards. Many times you will get more from the reading than just a simple yes or no. Many cards are pulled from the deck during a reading and all these cards form an overall picture.

2. When asking your questions or giving the reader your situation, give just enough information without giving all the details. A good reader will not ask a lot of details, but will need to know enough so that she can make sense of the cards that show up for you. Many times people and situations are represented by different cards, but names and dates are not determined by the cards but by the readers intuition.

3. A reader will be able to see if there is a healthy relationship or a true love represented in the cards as confirmation to her intuition regarding your love relations. Many who ask “does he really love me”, or “does she really love me”, should be able to get a fairly accurate reading from the tarot reader. But you must keep an open mind, because at all event thoughts you may have around the situation can influence the tarot reading. 

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