Tarot Cards and Why We Use Them

Tarot Cards and Why We Use Them

Tarot cards are commonly found in decks containing seventy eight cards. These seventy eight cards can be divided many ways. The most shared method, however, is to classify them by trump cards, court cards, and pip cards. There are twenty-one trump cards, or if you choose to include the fool into this group, there are twenty-two cards. There are then four suits that contain fourteen each. When you break down this group, you find that each suit contains ten pip cards and four suit cards.

Together the four suits form the remaining fifty six cards of the deck. In Europe, tarot cards are commonly used for games and fun. However, in English speaking countries such as America, these Tarot Cards are strictly used for divinity purposes, or fortune telling. There are two major groups inside the deck. The twenty-one trump cards and one fool card form the mm arcana and the four suits of fourteen cards form the minor arcana. Each one of these seventy-eight cards has a description, meaning, and prediction of its own.

The trump cards and the fool card combine to form the major arcana. Each trump card is numbered from zero to twenty one, zero commonly represents the fool card. According to each number and title, there is a picture and a meaning that belongs to each card. These cards are the most descriptive and consequently are the most symbolic. The Fool starts off the deck at zero, and this card represents an unexpected opportunity.

When this card is pulled by a fortune teller, it may predict a new job promotion or interview in the future. The card numbered fifteen represents the Devil, which represents a feeling of being retained. If this card is pulled, it may mirror the clients feelings about an unhealthy relationship and a need to escape. The card numbered twenty one always represents the world whose shared meaning is a journey, maybe one of self-awareness. However, some will say that the cards zero by twenty one follow the path of someones life ending on twenty one with enlightenment. The trump cards are commonly read as fortunes, but can be misleading if you don’t fully understand the things they represent.

The minor arcana can be divided many different ways. It can be divided into four suits, each containing fourteen cards. It can also be divided further from the fourteen cards into ten pip cards and four court cards for each suit. This section of the deck containing fifty six cards is similar to the typical American deck. There are a total of sixteen court cards. These are commonly known as confront cards and in accordance to their respective decks, they each represent different things.

Court cards always indicate people, they may be past or present. They also carry a meaning that may serve as a prediction for the client. The sixteen court cards can be divided into four confront cards for each of the four suits. The four suits include the suit of the cup, the wand, the sword, and the pentacle.

In the case of the suit of the cup, the King of Cups represents a kind, loving man, the Queen represents a helpful woman, the Knight represents a hopeless romantic and the Page represents a lazy young person. Each suit contains a King, Queen, Knight, and Page and each card contains a different meaning.

The other half of the minor arcana are the pip cards. Pip cards are another information for the cards numbered one by ten in each of the four different suits. The number one card represents the Ace. There are forty pip cards in all and much like the court cards, they each correspond to the four suits. Each number on the extent of ten link to one of the spheres of the tree of life. The ace card is connected to Kether, or the crown. The number two is connected to Chokmah, or wisdom. The number three is connected to Binah, or understanding. The number four is connected to Chesed, or mercy.

The number five is connected to Geburah or strength. The number six is connected to Tipharetn, or beauty. The number seven is connected to Netzach, or victory. The number eight is connected to Hod, or splendor. The number nine is connected to Yesod, or foundation. Lastly, the number ten is connected to Malkuth, or kingdom. These links are true to all pip cards, no matter which suit they belong to. However, how they are connected to these spheres changes as you change suits.

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