SWOT examination on Organic Pesticide Products

SWOT examination on Organic Pesticide Products

When you are looking to start your own business of organic pesticide and insecticide products, you need to make a SWOT examination before you get into it. Now “SWOT”, comprising of (S, W, O, T), is an anagram for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Now let me begin with Strengths concern to organic pesticide and insecticide products.

Here are the explanations:


• It’s eco-friendly.
• Not unhealthy for user.
• Healthier for plants and crops
• More profitable for business
• Helps to stand you out of the crowd.


Here weakness totally depends on you. They might be like that:
• Poor technical skill in pesticides
• Limited capital
• Poor book keeping
• Not getting pesticide certification
• Pesticide labelling
• The cost of pesticide testing


• It has a growing market-place
• As per as ecosystem is concerned, organic pesticide and insecticides are eco-friendly.


Buffer competition in the marketplace
Threats from other competitive pesticide brands and products like: Non-organic pesticide products, homemade pesticide products, agro-chemical pesticide products etc.

But there are some observe-worthy factors you need to be confirmed about. Select a appropriate place for your business location where there is an adequate need for organic pesticide and insecticide products. Your business location should be in an agricultural belt. Know about your competitive suppliers. Make sure if there is any other pesticide and insecticide product outlets obtainable to your close. Collect required information of the products to be sold to your customers. Inform them or if possible aim them how to use them and the quantity required for their crops. Let your customer know about the time of using them. If any problem arises try to solve it immediately. Inform the farmer about the careful, pros and cons of these pesticides and insecticides. Make them aware of safe and appropriate places to preserve these pesticides and right doings to keep its vitality. Side by side by make them familiar with the environmental issues related to these products. Tell them about the possible ways to keep ecosystem pollution-free during and after their using. Inform them about the unhealthy issues which might act upon users’ health and prevention against these malign effects.

After getting confirmation on the above mentioned points, you can start-off your organic pesticides and insecticides business. These will surely help you not only to start but to run your business smoothly. You will soon get your far-fetched success on it. So don’t worry follow the guidelines and make your identity in the market-place.

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