Street-Legal Golf Carts: A Comparison

Street-Legal Golf Carts: A Comparison

Electric or batteries powered Golf carts are pretty shared nowadays. They have many advantages over the traditional street cars. The most interesting thing about Golf carts is that they are environmental friendly. They do not cause any pollution. This reduces the consumption of oil fuel and helps in tackling the fuel crisis. It can be alternation to a great extent. Hence they do stand out in terms of luxury and other features when compared to other cars. Here is a small comparison on the different types of Street legal Golf carts.

The most important characterize that you have to check while selecting is its battery range. Always select the one that operates for longer duration on a single charge. The American Electric means Company manufactures a cart which is able to travel about 40 miles per charge. The recharging time of the battery should be the second consideration. It is always recommended to choose the one which needs the least time for recharging. Solar powered recharging sets are also obtainable. They transform the solar energy into electricity and stores in the battery. A fully functional solar powered costs around $7000. While the solar panel alone can be bought at around $1500 and installed on the cart.

Your budget is an important factor to consider. It ranges from $3000 to as high as $25000. So filter the Golf carts as per your budget and then choose from them. A basic street legal golf cart can cost about $8000, while a custom build it can be around $10000. There are luxury models which are priced at above $25000.

Make a list of the them that matches your preferences and cut off the ones that do not match the requirements. position the ones in descending order of parameters like battery life, charging time, space, prize etc. This gives a clear idea of the carts and helps in choosing the right one suited for you.

There are certain rules and regulations for owning a Golf cart that is street legal. Make sure that your Golf cart meets all the necessary requirements as per the rules.

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