Some Startling Statistics – CO 2 Emissions

There are so many segments to our energy producing and consumption pie, it is hard to know where to begin a discussion. This report deals strictly with the per capita carbon dioxide emissions purely from fossil fuelled electricity, provided for domestic use. Remember, this is on a per capita basis, not on a nation by nation basis.

If you were thinking that the U.S. leads the way, fortunately you aren’t already close.

Maybe it should not come as any surprise to discover that the worst offenders are oil producing nations. After all, the fuel supply is dirt cheap for them, consequently why not use it to provide strength? clearly that makes sense, but it comes with a hefty environmental price tag.

The top three nations are:

* Kuwait, at slightly under 8,000 KG of CO2 emissions per capita

* Bahrain, at approximately 7,000 KG per capita

* The United Arab Emirates at around 5,300 KG per capita

Estonia in Europe follows with 3,900 KG, slightly ahead of the U.S. at 3,800+ KG.

Next in line is Australia, then Qatar, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Russia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Serbia, Oman, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Israel. At this point we are down to 2,200 KG per capita.

Please observe that five out of the top nine per capita emitters are Asian oil producing nations.

Where does China sit in this mix? The bulk of strength generated in China comes from coal fired generating plants, and coal is included in these statistics. China ranks 71st, behind such countries as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Lithuania, Moldova, Jordan, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and the list goes on.

Somebody has to be at the bottom of the list, an enviable accomplishment indeed – or is it? You decide if you would like to live there.

Here are the bottom five starting with the winner:

* North Korea

* Zambia

* D. R. Congo

* Mozambique

* Ethiopia

There are 134 nations included in the original report, which was provided by the International Energy Agency. The lower twenty nations have basically no emissions per capita for this use only, the production of domestic use electricity.

This information was assembled for information purposes only, consequently you will not find a link to any other website. I trust it may give you food for thought. Thank you for reading.

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