Solar Panels – specialized Installation Vs Do-It-Yourself

Solar Panels – specialized Installation Vs Do-It-Yourself

There is a product obtainable on the internet called Earth for Energy. Essentially, if you kind in that name to Google, you’ll get several hits on the availability of this product. For about $40, they will send you a PDF or Adobe file with information on how to make or build your own energy efficient green devices.

Well, I looked over the whole program that they sent me after I plunked down my electrical money, and here is what I found out.

They give you detailed plans on how to source out materials that you will use to construct your own green machines. presumably, for a fraction of the retail costs, someone should be able to construct windmills, solar cell panels and other green related things to either augment your electrical consumption, or ultimately, get yourself off the grid completely. The problem is, as I see it, it just isn’t functional for mainstream America.

Sure, people with a lot of hobby time on their hands, with a lot of DIY experience, and a decently stocked tool box, should be able to at the minimum build something akin to a science fair project that would charge a battery or two. That’s not to say that a whole house couldn’t be converted to run off the sun with these plans, but in my opinion, the time related to the dollar factor just doesn’t add up.

Thinking efficiency all around, it would be so much easier, and in the long run cost effective, to find reputable dealers that build and manufacture green technology, like solar cell panels.  I have been in the home improvement and ‘green’ business for over 20 years, so I know my way around buildings from the ground up.  But to use the Earth for Energy plans to create a totally green habitat, looks to me like a lifetime of devotion and my time is too precious to be involved in something I’d have to devote my lifestyle to.

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