Sixers’ Ben Simmons Thinks Career Is ‘Better Off’ Without Joel Embiid,…

Report: Simmons thinks career is ‘better off’ without Embiid originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

None of the remarks at Sixers media day were persuasive to Ben Simmons, The Athletic’s Sam Amick reported Tuesday morning.

“It should surprise no one that their messages fell flat when they reached the Simmons camp,” Amick writes. “If anything, it only additional to the agitation.”

Amick cites Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey’s assertion that “there’s a lot of hope” for reconciliation with Simmons as being viewed as “laughable and out of touch.”

Ben Simmons has called Philadelphia home for his complete career consequently far. With the upcoming NBA season right around the corner, Ben has been adamant that he doesn’t want to continue with the 76ers. NBC10’s Tim Furlong reports from the Sixers training facility where players spoke on Simmons’ absence during media day.

Indeed, it would’ve been a dramatically development if anything said at media day spurred Simmons to fragment his planned holdout. Day 1 of training camp is Tuesday.

One interesting nugget from Amick’s story is Simmons’ perspective on his pairing with Joel Embiid. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“People who have intimate knowledge of how he sees this situation continue to insist that he’s done playing with Embiid. There’s nothing personal about this choice, it seems, but the 25-year-old Simmons has clearly decided that his career is better off without Embiid blocking the runways in the paint that he so badly needs to succeed.

“As he sees it, supplies say, the organization’s choice to build its basketball ecosystem around Embiid’s style simply isn’t conducive to the way he needs to play. So while Embiid insisted to reporters on Monday that he wants Simmons back, this much is clear: The feeling is not mutual.”

Joel Embiid says he is “disappointed in the situation.” He hopes his All-Star teammates changes his mind and returns to the Sixers’ list for the 2021-22 season.

It’s not difficult to outline the other side of the story here. Embiid is an MVP runner-up with an enormous two-way impact, so it’s sensible to care most about him when constructing a team. And, though their efforts have sometimes been flawed, the Sixers have done plenty in attempting to enhance and adjust to Simmons’ game. There have been exceptions — the failed “bully ball” experiment of the 2019-20 campaign and the unsuccessful attempts last season to use Dwight Howard next to Simmons come to mind — but the Sixers have generally aimed to press change offense and outside shooting in lineups with Simmons. 

Thoughts from Simmons himself would, of course, be most illuminating on this issue.

As for Embiid, he said Monday he was “disappointed” by the present situation. 

“It’s been time to take the next step,” he said, “and I hope that he really changes his mind. If I didn’t like playing with him, I’m honest, I would say it. But I do love playing with him, because he adds so much to our team. We’ve been building this thing around us. 

“I don’t see it as ‘This is my team.’ I don’t care. I don’t care about any of that. That has nothing to do with me. I’m not trying to live in the spotlight. I’ve got my family, I’m private — that’s not me. I’m trying to play basketball and have fun.”

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