SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Plumbers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Plumbers

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) in Phoenix is becoming more and more popular across a variety of industries, as more small business owners realize its value. In Phoenix, one of the biggest opportunities for high placement in Google is in the Plumbing Industry.

According to Google, there are over 2,400 local searches every month for Plumbers Phoenix, AZ. Of all of these searches, over 70% of them will visit the websites that appear in the Top 5 listings, with very few going to sites that show up after the first page. This method those Phoenix plumbers listed in the Top 5, will receive a lot of traffic to their website from interested local buyers.

Strangely, there is very little competition for these top spots. Google uses a variety of factors to determine which websites to list in search results, and in what order. The shared factors include:

  • Number of Incoming Quality Links
  • Relevancy of Website & Content to Search

In the Phoenix, AZ area, a properly optimized plumber’s website could easily rank high enough to be on the first page.

One way for Google to tell if your site will be helpful is by the number of other websites that link to it. Search engines will also take into account the relevancy of quality of those websites that link to you. For example, a link from a news organization is weighted much higher than a link from a large directory of websites.

The relevancy of your website is also important, since Google wants to show the most applicable websites to the user’s search first, but how do you make sure your website is applicable?

One way is content. This method the more helpful information you can provide about your industry and sets for your visitors the better. For a plumber in Phoenix, this might average having a blog updated weekly about the advantages of cleaning your tank on a regular basis, quick fixes for clogged pipes, etc.

Your content also should be ‘keyword optimized’. This method it should contain the keywords and phrases that search engine users will use to find your product. If your main phrase is “Phoenix Plumber,” this phrase should appear throughout your posted content.

SEO is a complete-time job that requires staying up to date with a regularly changing industry and new search strategies. Phoenix small business owners that are serious about optimizing their website for search engines should always consult a specialized, however these tips will help get you started on the right track.

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