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Subliminal technology involves audio or visual suggestions that your mind perceives at a subconscious level, but not at a conscious level. Remember, your subconscious takes in every detail of your ecosystem, already the ones you can’t consciously perceive; everything you’ve ever sensed, seen or heard is stored in this memory bank.

Subliminal technology has been around since the 1950s. Subliminals are more effective than affirmations because the subconscious mind is your mind’s strength and control center and accepts suggestions with less judgment than your conscious mind. Also, phobias can be difficult to conquer since fears and defenses are housed in your subconscious mind; consciously you realize that flying is comparatively safe, for example, but your subconscious mind nevertheless fearfully reacts when you step onto an airplane. This is why targeting your subconscious to alleviate fears is effective.

There is some argue about whether subliminals really work. In our research we’ve discovered that the studies which have found subliminals ineffective haven’t used the technology properly.

For example, one study repeatedly flashed a sentence to participants multiple times for about 60 minutes. Another study flashed words on a screen for several minutes. In both situations, this is not enough time to have much of an impact.

Ideally, we’ve found that it’s best to see or hear the suggestions for at the minimum three hours daily for at the minimum four weeks, especially when the issues you’re confronting include meaningful behavioral changes. Also, the suggestions must be phrased properly and be consciously permissible to the person listening, such as in line with her goals and principles.

We’ve used subliminal suggestion audios for over 25 years. They can be very powerful if written, produced, and used in a coordinated, focused manner. Below are guidelines to use subliminals to help you reach just about any goal.

1) Subliminal suggestions are best when phrased simply, positively, and in the present tense. There is argue about whether “you” or “I” is better. We have used both with success. “I am not smoking” will not be as effective because the subconscious mind may perceive that as “I am smoking.” “It’s easier for me to quit smoking now” and “My will strength is becoming stronger every day” are better. Suggestions targeting many aspects of a goal including the resistance to the goal are best.

2) Some subliminals include what are called “masking sounds,” such as music or the sound of ocean groups. We recommend noiseless subliminals because they aren’t distracting and you can listen to them all day on auto-repeat while working, playing, surfing the internet, and already while driving.

3) If you sleep soundly you will be able to listen to noiseless subliminals all night long. A number of light sleepers have found they don’t sleep in addition. Everyone is different, so experiment.

4) For best results, listen to quiet subliminals on auto-repeat, continuously (in the background while doing other things is fine), for at the minimum three hours daily, for at the minimum four weeks (six is better) initially. The longer you listen, the more likely your subconscious will embrace and capitalize on the suggestions.

5) If you listen at your computer, for example, and turn the quantity up, anyone within earshot will be affected. It’s up to you whether or not you want others around you to assistance from the audio too.

6) Listening to more than one subliminal audio, unless they are closely related, is too much for your mind. Work on one goal at a time. Nervous tension and heightened stress are shared symptoms of trying to blast too many different messages to your subconscious at once.

7) It’s natural to be skeptical of the effectiveness since you can’t consciously hear the suggestions. Subliminals work already for cynics and for those “too strong willed” to assistance from hypnosis. Everyone can assistance from hypnosis if they are willing to let go, follow directions, and have a sincere desire to reap the rewards.

One way to test the effectiveness of subliminals is to listen daily for the recommended number of weeks. Then, re-read the suggestions for that particular subliminal. You will likely find that your mind is following the directions without you already being consciously aware of them. This truly is almost effortless change.

8) If you listen to a 12 minute-long subliminal recording on auto-repeat, for example, and each suggestion is repeated at the minimum 5 times within the 12 minutes, that’s 25 times per hour, and 75 times per day for each suggestion if you listen for at the minimum 3 hours a day. ultimately, with recurrence, the subconscious mind will begin to follow the suggestions, just like an obedient horse follows your rule.

9) Some people may recommend that you should only buy a subliminal or hypnosis audio produced by a “licensed mental health specialized,” which is unwarranted. The truth is that subliminals and hypnosis have been used effectively long before licensed mental health professionals got over their fear of the falsehoods regarding these amazing tools, finally understood the benefits, and decided to use the methods in their practices.

It’s great that some mental health professionals are endorsing and promoting subliminals, hypnosis, and past life regression, but credit really should be given where credit is due.

Licensed mental health professionals didn’t pioneer subliminals, hypnosis, or past life regression and it’s not their right to slap a disclaimer on their audios suggesting that it’s unsafe to use audios formatted by holistic healers or other non-licensed mental health professionals.

10) Another myth is that you need a specialist, such as a licensed psychologist specializing in weight issues, for example, to format a good weight-loss subliminal or hypnosis suggestions. As long as you use the best technology and techniques obtainable and use properly phrased messages, which don’t take a psychologist to understand or write, it’s not necessary to be a licensed specialist to format a good subliminal or hypnosis audio.

Do you have a goal that you’d like help with? Are you receptive to different methods? Then we highly recommend subliminal audios. Get your potent, subconscious mind on your side to make the most of your life.

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