Saunas Or Hot Tubs – Which is For You?

Saunas and hot tubs are two main ways to heat muscle tissues and relax the mind, body and soul. Your choice will greatly depend on whether you prefer dry or wet heat. Nevertheless, these two options have both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before you choose.


A sauna is also known as a steam bath. It uses a heated room where steam is contained. The heat is derived by using either an electric stove or wood gas. In most residential saunas and commercial spas, granite rocks are used in absorbing high heat. When hot water is poured on the rocks, a steam is produced.

Industrial sauna rooms are typically installed in basements and they are freestanding units while electrically heated saunas allow temperature control settings. A sauna is easier to continue and use. The dry heat could be therapeutic to people with allergies or those who react negatively to damp places.

It is more costly and difficult to install. It requires a thorough construction and planning since inefficiency in the time of action could consequence to a ineffective moisture control, consequently molds can form easily. A sauna requires a specialized to set it up.


A hot tub is usually installed next to the swimming pool. It works by drawing water by a pipe system towards a heat source and water is directed into the tub. Most tubs have pressure filtration system or suction. The two most popular kinds used in homes are inflatable tub, which is obtainable in plastic, vinyl or nylon manufacture. The other one is a wooden tub, which is made from redwood, teak or oak. Both have a seating capacity for two to four people.

These tubs encourage hydrotherapy by the combination of massage jets, warm water and semi-buoyancy. This calm down joints and muscle tissues. Many hot tub users confirm that they are able to sleep better when they regularly soak in its warmth. The hot tub is portable, more affordable and easy to install.

People who have arthritis or other serious joint problems swear they feel the weightlessness of being in water and together with the heat, it is the best combination to soothe aching joints after a hard day’s work.

Soaking in this tub could develop rashes when dipping in an erratically maintained tub and the stagnant water could encourage insect larvae and bacteria. The inflatable hot tub has little or no warranty at all and is less strong than acrylics. The wooden kind of tub needs intensive maintenance due to its susceptibility to pest infiltration.

You have to use on chemicals to be additional to the hot tub to keep its pH level to make it safe for human contact.

When choosing between getting a sauna or hot tub for your home, you should take into consideration the dominant purpose for using them. Furthermore, you should also consider the budget that you can allocate for this project and the maintenance and style requirements required by your option.

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