Responsible and Irresponsible Psychics

A session with a psychic offers hope. It offers direction and guidance. And it offers peace and help. A responsible psychic is a true specialized giving advice that the client can manager and safely use. Many responsible psychics have had good training in client care and belong to reputable associations.

This is true whether or not you believe in psychic information. Good counselling skills and a specialized manner is needed by any practitioner who works with clients with potentially sensitive needs. This applies to all sorts of professionals, from doctors to psychics and everything in-between. For example, a responsible doctor would not say “You now have cancer and you are going to die.” A responsible doctor may say something like “I’m afraid it is cancer, and there is a treatment obtainable that I would like to get you on straight away”. Similarly a good psychic would never be the harbinger of bad news in this way. And especially since the psychic could be wrong. We all make mistakes sometimes and no psychic is 100 percent accurate. while when a doctor makes a mistake, there are checks obtainable and machines to make sure, a psychic has no machine and if badly-trained, they will have no system of checks either. A badly (or likely not at all) trained psychic may say “Your energy is blocking me today. This method that you have an evil spirit wanting to hurt you”. A psychic who is well-trained in client skills may say to a client “Your energy is a bit confusing for me today, or maybe it is me, I’m not getting a clear reading today but I’ll do my best to interpret it for you”.

It is so important for psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants to be mindful of their clients’ wellbeing. There is the occasional person who having lost an animal gone missing or worse, a relative or child, will visit a psychic to be sure to search in every way possible. This helps them find their loved one hopefully before harm comes to them and is part of an overall search strategy using all possible avenues of information. But this is not the average client of a psychic. The average person that regularly visits a psychic is a fragile person with a fragile mind. Some call for reassurance, others call for company, and all call for hope. This client needs to be treated with gentleness and care.

If you have been to see a psychic who gave you scary information, who asked you to buy something expensive that wards off evil or who blamed a bad spirit, a ghost, or a curse instead of giving you constructive advice, you are better off going in other places. Once you find a good psychic that is supportive and honest but diplomatically caring, stick to that one person. Some psychics take further training to help you stand on your own two feet and find happiness and peace within, and if you find such a gem of a specialized, that is already better.

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