Pythagorean Betting System



The name of this mystical formula is none other than the most famous mathematical theorem of all time: The Pythagorean Theorem. It’s been used to by architects to create some of the most breathtaking buildings in the world. It was first used to construct a cremation cemetery in ancient Britain. But today, I’m going to show you how this millennia-old formula can help you do something you before never thought was possible: Predict the winners in sports, and put profits right into in your pockets!


Here’s how The Pythagorean formula works: By knowing the lengths of two sides in a right triangle, we can easily calculate for the length of the last remaining side

Simple, right?

But how does any of this has anything to do with helping you win when betting on sports?

You see, when the Pythagorean theorem is used on sports, it can predict how well teams will perform with astonishing accuracyn!

By knowing the average of how many points a team scores, and how many points they allow their opponents to score on them, we can calculate their expected win-loss record
with exceptional accuracy.

This lets you zero in on what teams in the league may be undervalued or overvalued. That’s powerful information you can use to help you pinpoint the exact bets to make that might have the biggest possible for
monstrous profit gains.

You see, sports betting is a lot like the stock market, or any investment for that matter. The whole meaningful to making profits off any investment is to find and adventure an inefficiency in the market.

Want to make money in the stock market? Look for a publicly traded company whose stock price is undervalued. Buy the stock at the undervalued price, and you’ll profit on it once the market corrects.

Want to make money from real estate? Buy into similarities that are undervalued, and resell once the market corrects.

Want to make money betting on sports? Wager on teams that are undervalued, and over time you’ll win…

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