Psychics-How They Get Information

Psychics-How They Get Information

“How exactly does a psychic see future events? Where does that insight come from?”

The idea of magically perceiving details about the future takes some getting used to. But once you do, the awareness can be highly useful, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.

Just as time travel isn’t considered wild science fiction any longer, tapping into future circumstances either by far away viewing or intuition doesn’t seem to be as frowned upon as it was in decades past.

“Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that you could go off in a rocket and return before you set out.”
Stephen Hawking

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
Albert Einstein

Our findings and direct experience tell us that every psychic perceives the amount and kind of future information differently.

Some see clear images (clairvoyance), some hear (clairaudience), some simply know (claircognizance), some feel (clairsentience), some smell or taste, and some have rare blends of some or all of the above.

Someone may see an obvious image in his mind, others my see signs such as elements of character, and nevertheless others may see something in her mind’s eye that reminds her of a personal circumstance–her higher-self relays the information to her this way so it’s familiar enough to recognize to help pass on the message. The insight is often so subtle that those who aren’t focused wouldn’t perceive it.

Another method of prophecy incudes tapping into the subject’s super-conscious (higher-self or soul), or the Akashic Records, where all information about the past, present, and future is stored. Similarly, spirit guides of the Light can serve the psychic in this way, like an other-dimensional assistant. It’s easy to read people this way for those who possess the aptitude, provided the subject is willing, but not easy to predict mundane events because earthquakes and other natural disasters, for example, don’t have higher-selves to tune into.

One way to describe how a psychic sees the future is that it’s like remembering back to an event in your life years ago; you see pieces of a circumstance or already scenes like in a movie. It’s like remembering parts of your vacation; you’ll ingemination mostly the highlights and the overall feeling. In this sense, the past, present and future are all one to the medium and she merely looks into the future just like she would the past.

One challenge about psychic perception is that it’s not easy to frame the timing. To the seer, the event or circumstance may appear to be only a associate years in the future, however may not transpire for more than ten years from now. In our experience, comprehensive astrology and numerology are priceless tools to define the timing of life events and circumstances, especially in conjunction with psychic impressions.

Our belief is that at the minimum 75% of the chief events and conditions in your life are fated (or destined, predetermined, predestined-these words all have the same meaning). The 25% category includes information the psychic may pick up that never transpires.

It seems you aren’t supposed to have a consistent, direct, conscious link to the other side because if you did, it would probably excursion you insane, not to mention give you the ability to avoid many life lessons your soul intended you to have.

Our findings show some people have more psychic talent than others, just as some have more physical or intellectual talent than others. No matter how much psychic ability you have, there are things you can do to further your talent, including the following: eat well; get enough sleep; exercise regularly; avoid excess alcohol and sugar; avoid drugs; clear your energy, and meditate daily.

Ultimately, discerning future circumstances and events is a matter of accessing hidden information. Whether it’s instinct, gut feeling, astrological and numerological charting, pure psychic talent, or other method, seeing ahead along the timeline of life, we believe, can be as natural as looking back into your past.

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