Promote Events Like A MLM Rockstar

Promote Events Like A MLM Rockstar

What’s An Event?

To be successful in network marketing, you must master how to promote events. Most people underestimate the strength of events and their businesses suffer as a consequence. In order to understand the importance of events, you should know what I consider an event.

An event is any kind of conference call, presentation, training, webinar or gathering of representatives that is bigger than you. Events allow prospects to see more of the company and opportunity.

Why Promote Events?

One of the reasons to promote events is to give people the chance to see the bigger picture. If they meet with you alone or with you and another rep, they don’t really know how big the opportunity is. They don’t fully understand the impact that the business has made on the lives of other people.

They certainly don’t however fully understand what the business can do for them, so you have to get them to attend an event. The best way to get them to attend is to promote the event.

How To Promote Events

Learning how to promote events is a requirement of a successful MLM career. I like to tell people, you have to learn to promote like Don King. One of the meaningful elements of promoting events is using “fear of loss.” Keep in mind, people will always do more for what they stand to lose versus what they stand to gain.

Incorporate statements such as “This is a one time opportunity for you to meet…”, “I don’t know when there will be another meeting like this”, “This gentleman is like the Donald Trump of this industry’, “I’m not already sure I can get you on the guest list.” You must make the event worthy of their time by promoting and make it sound like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now I know you maybe thinking, “Isn’t that going overboard?” My answer is “absolutely not” if you want to be successful in MLM! All top earners in MLM are master promoters. Here’s a secret… I attribute much of the success I have had in network marketing to promoting for events.

Teach Your Team How To Promote Events

Once you learn how to promote events you must next teach your team members how to promote events. It’s not enough that you are the only promoter. You also have to get your team to do the same; that’s the only way you’re going to create enormous momentum in your business. Teach your team the strength of fear of loss and also words that move people to action.

Instruct them to incorporate phrases such as “One time event”, “I only have a two VIP seats left”, “Only a select group of people are being additional to the guest list.” These are phrases that make people change their plans, commit to attending and then truly show up.

Why Promoting Works

When you promote properly and so does your team, you all will have guests show up at events. The guests now see the bigger picture and they hear testimonials from people with similar specialized backgrounds, family backgrounds, health challenges, financial challenges, etc. who have had success via your company. This is often just what the prospect needs to make a decision to partner with you. For reps that haven’t been plugged in, events are also good to get them rejuvenated.

Once you learn how to promote events, you are going to be well on your way to having enormous success in the MLM industry.

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