President Bush and Pyramid Numerology

President Bush and Pyramid Numerology

Can Numerology show the future? Some think so and most Numerologists are familiar with the predictive aspects of the Art. One of the most shared, and perhaps reliable, techniques is Pyramid or highest point Numerology. Each highest point represents a long term cycle of learning and challenge as we walk upon our Life Path. With the exception of the first, each cycle is nine years long. Transitions between Pinnacles are almost always strongly felt and correspond to a psychological shift in perspective. There is usually a two year overlap, before and after the highest point date, where we prepare for and then become comfortable with these momentous changes. The first shift is usually the most difficult but, it is the gateway to maturity and usually provides a sense of direction and identity.

observe: One of the most profitable areas in Numerology is Comparative Life Cycle studies. What follows is a study of the highest point Cycles of President George W. Bush. It is not intended as a critique, political or otherwise, but merely as a learning tool. Policy and politics are not the subject matter but rather, the information revealed by the Pinnacles as compared to the events in the President’s life. We shall discuss the highest point first and then compare the events, as we know them. You may draw your own conclusions to its accuracy. Keep in mind, no other predictive tools or methodology are being used.

1st highest point: The 4 vibration was influencing President Bush until the age of 30. This represents hard work and its rewards. This is the time to build substantial, long lasting foundations. The 4 highest point gives ability to organizational and managerial skills and places success within reach. It is success that must be built piece by piece though – imagine a child playing with Legos or building blocks. Slowly but surely crafting in the material world what only he sees in imagination. This method that while the ultimate goal will be realized there will be frustrations and challenges along the way. Growth takes time and is a slow course of action. Often, people under the 4 vibration oscillate between the solidity of the 4 and a excursion toward chaos. The negative side of the 4 influence is an unwillingness to accept the need for order, discipline, and rules. The child who faces this highest point as his first is often stirred by an inner need to move beyond the limitations, real or perceived, of his parents but, should avoid jumping into the harsh world of functional affairs too soon.

Major Events from Birth to 1976: True to form, the President begins laying his foundation in this period. Among other accomplishments he receives a degree in history from Yale in 1968 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1974 He works in various political campaigns at this time including two of his father’s Senate campaigns.. He is a member of the Texas Air National Guard and then the Alabama Air National Guard. The negative aspects of this highest point were felt in addition. President Bush himself has characterized this period of his life as ‘irresponsible’. A time in his life which he has admitted was fueled in part by substance abuse and disorderly conduct. Now, take observe of the shift year 1976. Firmly stuck between the energies of the two Pinnacles – an often traumatic time with strong psychological implication – the President is arrested and charged with a DUI on September 4, 1976.

2nd highest point: President Bush’s 2nd highest point is the 8 influence. This is a cycle of harvest when material growth will occur. It enhances success in business and finance. It also strengthens personal strength which is the basis for success. Other people recognize this about you and defer to your judgment. People place their faith in you and desire to proportion your vision. Problems become challenges as you grow in stability and develop the organizational skills to head large enterprises. Your influence upon others will be almost supernatural and you move ever closer to the realization of your dreams. The challenge in this period is the development of your spiritual self. This highest point is a test of balance between material and spiritual abundance. If you do not find this balance you become a slave to the almighty dollar, if you do you find a reawakening to the true values of life.

Major Events 1977 – 1985: The years of 1976, 1977, and 1978 are all very important to the President. Notice how close they are to the highest point shift. He enters the oil industry at this time. In ’77 the President is introduced to Laura Welch. A short time later ( 3 months ) they will marry. In 1978 the President ran for congress and lost The loss was only by a small margin and his political opponent, Democrat Kent Hance, will later donate money to the President’s campaign for the Governorship. Finally, in 1981 his twin daughters are born and the President joins his wife’s church.

3rd highest point: The next highest point exerts the 3 influence and acts upon President Bush until the age of 48. In this period self-expression comes to the fore. It is a highly social time when friends and admirers will be attracted to you. Under this influence your ability to inspire and motivate others will be very strong and your positive outlook and energy will cause others to want to work for you. This tends to be a very lucky period will problems seem to melt away. However, this can rule to a less vigilant attitude toward your accomplishments. Focus and discipline are called for and you should be cautious of capricious behavior and disorganized thinking else you squander your opportunities.

Major Events 1986 – 1994: In 1986, again notice its closeness to the shift, the President quits drinking and begins reading the bible. After a meeting with Reverend Billy Graham he is born again. Two years later he moves his family to D.C. to work on his father’s Presidential campaign. He helps develop a strategy to court conservative and Evangelical voters – a strategy that works. He delivers numerous speeches at fundraisers and rallies, and meets with religious and conservative organizations on behalf of his father. In 1989 he purchases a proportion in the Texas Ranger baseball team serving as managing general partner where he led team projects, remained active in the team’s PR, and regularly attended games – choosing to sit in the open with the fans. The Rangers were, for the most part, successful during Bush’s tenure, acquiring Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan. In 1993 he completed the Houston Marathon. And precisely at the highest point shift in 1994 we find: He is involved with the construction of ‘The Ballpark’ in Arlington, the Rangers win their first division title, and he declares his candidacy for Governor.

4th highest point: This Pinnacles acts upon the President until the age of 57 and its influence
is the 9 vibration. This is a period where President Bush will begin to clarify himself with a goal that is universal in scope. Social activism is noticeable as is being an agent of societal change. He will attempt to apply himself to the good of the community. Sacrifice is called for and his personal ambitions must be subordinated to the larger good. This is a period where the President will confront a large challenge. The inner impulse is one of greater love and compassion for community, country and world, and a sense of social responsibility develops. He begins to see humanity as a whole. People under this highest point are often drawn to religious or philosophical teachings and may begin to spread some particular doctrine or belief system. The challenge is again remaining wed to material reality and not becoming overly idealistic. If the ideal is too large failure may consequence. Travel in this period will be noticeable and he will find himself meeting people from many varied cultures.

Major Events 1995 – 2003: Bush’s run for Governor is crafted around the theme’s of ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘moral leadership’. The campaign focused upon the issues of education, tort reform and crime His popularity grew after an impressive performance at a argue ( believe it or not ) with political competitor Ann Richards. He is elected and in his first term makes good on his promises by increasing education funding, legislating tort reform, and reforming the criminal justice system. In 1998 the then Governor of Texas won reelection in a landslide victory. He is one of the most popular Governors in the United States at this time. Bush runs for the Presidency under the rubric of ‘compassionate conservatism’. He is elected to the office of president. 9-11. In March of 2003 he invades Iraq.

5th highest point: The President’s 5th highest point is a 7 and will cause its influence until 2012 when President Bush turns 66. This will be a time of inner reflection and soul searching. Spiritual growth continues to develop and faith is strengthened. During these periods the universe itself seems to propel a person. People begin to specialize during this time and pursue some particular course. As intuition develops he will have an uncanny sense of ‘the next step’. However, this in turning of consciousness makes it difficult to clearly articulate ideas. Nevertheless, skill in some area will be his as he learns to see beneath the surface of things. The challenge is to refrain from becoming cynical or basic. President Bush must not withdraw from society. Sarcasm does not suit him.

Major Events 2004 – 2012: In 2004, precisely at the highest point shift, he is re-elected to the Presidency. His inaugural address centers upon the theme of universal freedom and democracy – nevertheless feeling the effects of the last highest point? Since then we have seen broader discussion upon the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism. The President seems more open to advice and input from others. The 7 highest point can rule to either inaction or informed action. It remains to be seen which direction shall be taken. Although it is quite likely that his ability to articulate his ideas and ‘sell’ them to the public will continue to suffer, the actions he takes in the next two years seem to moving toward a reevaluation of the ‘bigger picture’. We can look for some dramatically moves out of this President as policy shifts owing to the increase in introspection. Many questions will appear in the geo-political vicinity, problems which can only be solved with an intuitive approach. The world, as of January 1, entered a 9 year. This year will see a resolution to questions of policy and a reevaluation of goals and strategy. The President will regain popularity in the poles and his second term on a surprising high observe.

Addendum: The Pinnacles are not the only predictive tool in Numerology. And a complete examination of future potentialities would need to include such factors as Challenge Numbers, Essence and Transits, Personal Years, Months, and Days in addition as many other contributing elements.

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