Poster Canopy Beds Are Less Expensive

Poster Canopy Beds Are Less Expensive

Sometimes people tend to get confused with a canopy bed and a four poster bed.  A four poster bed is fitted with four poles at each corner of the bed which serves the purpose of a mosquito net to avoid being bitten by insects while sleeping.  They can be decorated to look like canopy beds too, but the actual effect will not be present.

At the same time there are poster canopy beds that are specially designed to look like canopy beds.  These four poles at the ends of the bed are joined together on the top and fabric drapes are hung from the ceiling over the poles.

Sometimes the four poles are neatly draped with frills or pleats with beautiful scenery or pastel colors and already at times the muslin fabric is dyed to the required color to form many shapes and designs on the drapes.

Poster canopy beds can be acquired by anyone since it is not considered a piece of luxury anymore.  It is easily easy to reach and obtainable in wood, metal, iron and steel in addition.  Though wood is the best choice, maintenance of wood is rather difficult.  It needs to be rid of termites by frequent polishing. 

A wrought iron poster canopy bed is ideal for a kid’s bedroom or already for a twin canopy bed or a complete size canopy bed in the guest room or the master bed room.  It will not occupy much space though the height should be as that of a regular canopy bed.

Poster canopy beds are obtainable in many stores or you can go online and select from the many shapes and sizes of beds.  The designs of the metal are exclusive and attractive.  Draping can be planned in such a way that not only the drapes but also the craft of the bed can be exposed.

Bedding to match a poster canopy bed is obtainable in abundance if you require them off the store.  Sometimes it would be a better idea to get the bedding stitched by a tailor but would cost a bit more but it would be accurate and would blend with the window drapes and the other furniture in the bedroom.

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