Plumbing in the 21st Century

Plumbing in the 21st Century

The internet has finally come of age for plumbing contractors. The time is now to get online or get left behind as more and more educated consumers are looking to online venues to estimate prospective service providers.

Online niche directories are fast becoming the venue of choice for pioneering plumbing contractors. They understand the fact that the internet is becoming more complicate with each passing day. It’s becoming continually more difficult and frustrating for consumers to sort by the never ending search results to find that one nugget of information they are looking for. Advertising within one of these targeted directories puts your company within easy grasp for educated consumers to compare local providers before making decisions. The internet is everywhere these days, at work, at home and on the go.

Contrary to what some may think this kind of advertising will supplement, NOT compete with your current online advertising efforts. These kind of directories have the ability to pool the resources of a large group of members to acquire market penetration that may be cost prohibitive on an individual basis. This can allow you to reach consumers that may not have found you otherwise. Consider what your ROI can be for the lifetime of each new customer that finds you in addition as their information of mouth about your great service. The value can go far beyond the number of calls and types of jobs vs the cost of the service each month.

The meaningful to success is to look for the innovates in the industry that have challenged the position quo of padding their bottom line without regard to yours. They are out there but you must do your due diligence to find them. Do they have a one price fits all pricing structure? Look in other places, while this may be a fair price in a densely populated major metropolitan area it doesn’t work for the majority. Do they offer a territory that is based on a radius from your zip code? Again look in other places, this in effect only tells your customers how far away you are from them and how much closer to them your competition is. We all know a plumbing company operates in a particular market area and does not charge more to it’s customers on the outskirts, but most consumers don’t realize this. Do they have a territory manager allowing you to customize your market area? If not, they should. Do you pay for each rule in spite of of its quality or how many of your competitors received the same rule? Again look in other places, this kind of structure that asks consumers to fill out a form for quotes are usually the tire kickers and dreamers that are either looking for rock bottom prices or just disinctive what it may cost. Do an internet search on this subject and it will become quickly apparent that this is the least desirable of business models.

So go ahead and dive into internet marketing with a niche directory along with your current portfolio. As long as you do your homework it can be very rewarding. The future is now.

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