place Your Time and Energy for Maximum Return

place Your Time and Energy for Maximum Return

If you research the subject personal development you will get lots of meaningful ideas and as many gurus again writing about the subject.

Let’s quote some of the writers on the subject and see what they have to say.

At various times I have claimed the meaningful to self-development is commitment, belief, understanding your values, motivation and hiring me as to be your life coach – Tim Brownson Life Coach

All of the experts agree on one thing, your actions are a true reflection of your thinking and your attitude matters so much. Our attitude is the one thing we have total control over. Your attitude makes all the difference between a winning and losing in at all event endeavour you attempt, let it be sport or business. It is further said that you can change anything and everything if you change your mind-set. What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can unprotected to.

Another writer on the subject Scott Cofer from self-improvement training makes the following statement. So what does the information kaizen average? Well, it’s made up of 2 parts – “Kai” meaning change, and “Zen” meaning good. Literally, “good change”, but in practice it is more commonly called “slow, continuous improvement.

Back in 1980 at the beginning of the last recession I was hired as an agent selling insurance business to business. A crucial part of the training was dedicated to developing the right mental attitude as our survival was dependent upon coping with rejection daily.

Where will you be ten years from now if you continue doing what you are doing now?

Everyone wants something

No matter what it is: money, position, prestige, some special achievement, love, a happy marriage a home? Everyone yearns for some kind of fulfilment to be happy, to be healthy to be wealthy and to experience the true riches of life is a universal desire and it is those inner urges which inspire us to action.

A simple question to ask yourself… Why does one person succeed and another person fail?

There is an answer and I found that answer back in 1990 when I was asked to study a programme for education and executive development and the answer was to control my attitude by staying focused on my burning desire or goal and when I was confronted with problems focus on the solutions. The most important piece of advice I got was to the deliberate use of self motivators.

Self motivators

When the going gets tough – the tough get going

Where there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful – by all method try – DO IT NOW

Every adversity has the seed of an equal or greater assistance – DO IT NOW

For every NO answer we are getting closer to a YES answer

When using the self motivators it is very important to ACT on the statement DO IT NOW every time because if you don’t act there and then the thought will pass and the statement will keep just that – a statement not an action.

Today right at this moment in every part of the world there are those who surprise what action they can take to move them closer to their goals, many will reach their goals but most will continue to surprise, dream, and wish but then after time has passed they awake with the shock to find themselves standing in the same identify at which they dreamed. The dream remains but the opportunity has gone.

Does that statement seem familiar?

One idea to help you direct your efforts is to get a pen and paper.

Write at the top of the paper a meaningful aim high goal you would like to unprotected to. Draw a line down the middle using the left side to list the challenges and obstacles you will encounter. On the right hand side list all of the positive things that will happen as a consequence of you achieving your goal. This will help you to prepare and conquer the challenges as they arise. More importantly it will help you keep your mind off the things you don’t want and on the things you want, the things that will sustain the achievement of your goal.

Design a simple self help programme for yourself such as:

  • Reading self help book
  • Associating with positive enthusiastic forward thinking people
  • Take night classes on a subject near and dear to your heart

at all event you do – act now and don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do right here and right now, once you get started it will ultimately become a habit and the new habit will replace the old.

When you get started develop the success reflex known as the R2A2 formula and as with any formula it is made up of individual parts, let’s analyse them.

The R2A2 Formula

R – Recognise… the rule, idea or technique

It helped someone else, and I can see the results, it will work for me if I use it – that’s for me

R – Relate… is to connect or join together, to establish a relationship

What does it average to ME, what will the success rule, idea or technique do for me – at this stage you need to relate the rule, idea or technique to yourself

A -Assimilate… is to incorporate, to absorb or to become part of

How can I absorb the principles, ideas or techniques into my behaviour so that they can become part of me? How can I develop a success habit and reflex so that the right thing will get done?

A – Action… is to use, follow by, doing

How am I going to use what I have learned, when am I going to start. Ask yourself these questions and then state to yourself DO IT NOW and act on the statement once stated.

Remember use your own success reflex – DO IT NOW, THAT FOR ME or at all event appeals to you but do at all event is necessary to follow by on the statement by acting on it.

rule– A rule or standard, especially of good behaviour

Idea– A plan, scheme, or method

Technique– a method of accomplishing a desired aim

Now that you have followed the R2A2 formula ask yourself the following questions.

What business goal do I intend to accomplish……………………………………………

What personal goal do I intend to accomplish……………………………………………

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