Phoenix School Investigates Alleged "Inappropriate Contact" Between Employee and Student

Phoenix School Investigates Alleged "Inappropriate Contact" Between Employee and Student

The news that a complaint has been made against a Phoenix school employee for having what has been described as inappropriate contact with a male student is disturbing, to say the least. In the past, parents sent their children off to school and hoped for the best. Schools were thought to be a safe place where they would receive a good education. They nevertheless can get a good education while attending Phoenix schools or schools located in other places in the country, but we all need to be alert for situations that affect student safety.

Phoenix School Takes Action Quickly

Officials at the Phoenix school involved in this incident are to be complimented for taking the allegations made against the employee seriously and turning them over to the appropriate authorities. These matters need to be taken seriously, whether they occur in Phoenix schools or in another jurisdiction.

Often, the victim of abuse has hesitated to report an incident because they were afraid they would not be believed. The fact that the matter is being investigated instead of swept under the carpet is absolutely the right response. All schools should follow the rule provided by the officials at this particular Phoenix school.

Can Phoenix Schools Do More to Protect Students?

We all need to accept the fact that there is no place that children can go to where they are guaranteed to be free from the threat of inappropriate contact. Students attending Phoenix schools or other schools across the country have the right to attend classes in a safe ecosystem.

I would think that there are policies in place to screen job seekers applying for work at Phoenix schools and in other places so that someone with a criminal record for offenses involving children is barred from gaining employment. However, the fact that a person doesn’t have a record doesn’t average that they don’t have a history of inappropriate contact with children. It just method they haven’t been convicted however.

Everyone working at or attending Phoenix schools has a duty to keep their eyes open to what is happening in their school ecosystem. I am in no way recommending a witch hunt; I realize that the great majority of teachers and workers at Phoenix schools and other schools nationwide would never behave inappropriately with their charges.

What I am suggesting is that everyone in this ecosystem watch out for signs that someone is being abused and report their suspicions to the appropriate law enforcement agency. No exceptions. How often have you read an accounting in the newspaper where a respected educator has been charged with behaving inappropriately with students? On the surface, it appears that the complete school community was shocked, but if you did a bit deeper, there were signs (often for a important length of time) and rumors that were never investigated. Let’s do in any case is necessary to keep Phoenix schools safe for all students.

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