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How can you get your hands on some Perendev magnet motor plans? What is the Perendev motor anyway? Is it possible to get your hands on the plans and, if not, is there a good different?

Quick Introduction To The Perendev Motor

The Perendev Motor was invented by an Australian named Michael J. Brady and was made famous by a demonstration video made widely obtainable several years ago.

Brady claimed to have delivered several devices in 2007 but was arrested in 2010 in Switzerland and extradited to Germany for allegedly embezzling money from German investors/customers (due to non-delivery of the devices).

Reading around the subject, from what I can tell it appears that the technology is sound but that Brady is deemed by some to be unreliable. His commercial partners have already severed ties with him because of this.

Personally speaking, I think he has not helped the magnetic motor movement. In this world of oil interests, he has probably made it already harder for those who do believe in this technology to get commercial partners.

How Can You Get keep up Of Perendev Magnet Motor Plans?

Mike Brady never released his designs to the general public so you cannot acquire them from anywhere legally.

I have searched online but all that I found was some pencil sketches and difficult-to-read photographs of old engineering drawings. These “plans” are clearly not sufficient to try to recreate this motor.

I do not know the current whereabouts of Mike Brady but if you were to find them (assuming he is not in jail) then he might be able to furnish you with them.

How To Make Your Own 7 Kilowatt Magnetic Motor Generator

The Perendev motor is simply the work of an enthusiast. There are many other similar motors such as the Bedini, Troy Reed motor and others. These are the products of several years of tinkering and testing.

If all you need is a small unit capable of powering a house and its domestic needs then you need not take the long, arduous route that these pioneers have. Instead, you can use a substantial, reliable set of plans that show simple designs that are easy to follow and replicate, and with specific instructions for doing so.

You won’t find these for free unfortunately (typically, an investment of around 50 dollars is required). However, you need to think of it in other terms – the quicker you get a working motor up and running then the quicker that you will be able to stop paying for your strength bills. The 50 bucks or so investment will truly save you money.

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