Overview of Kitchen thorough Cleaning and Its Importance for Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene

Overview of Kitchen thorough Cleaning and Its Importance for Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene

thorough kitchen cleaning involves cleaning of all areas of a commercial kitchen, including the ceiling, floors, equipment, preparation tables and walls. The specific focus of this kind of kitchen cleaning is to reach out to areas that are out of reach during regular maintenance drills. Dirt and grease build up in areas around the refrigerators and under the cooking ranges. The thorough cleaning procedure starts with the high level walls and ceiling, but all the difficult to reach areas are reached little by little.

A comprehensive commercial exhaust cleaning company which follows the specifications of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) can be entrusted to complete this task. The thorough cleaning of these kitchens involves a detailed approach. All the equipment in the kitchen is stripped down, including grills and fryers. The next step is cleaning them to bare metal. When the floor is cleaned, all the equipment is replaced to the original position.

The kitchen thorough cleaning course of action

Kitchen thorough cleaning sets include standard techniques for cleaning the exhaust system. This involves cleaning of the exhaust hood, horizontal or vertical ductwork and exhaust fans. This kind of cleaning is compliant with fire code requirements and guarantees protection from the threat of exhaust system fires. Before the cleaning of the exhaust system, all kitchen sections are draped with new plastic. After this, a plastic funnel is placed below the hood in order to drain away the dirt, grease and other kind of unwanted particle accumulation.

In the comprehensive method mentioned above, the grease buildup in the system is prevented from going to the kitchen drains. In a detailed cleaning course of action, a combination of scrubbing, chemical degreasing and strength washing is used to get rid of the grease and accumulated dirt. After the cleaning is complete, your exhaust hood is polished and filters are reinstalled. The last step in the detailed cleaning course of action is the removal of plastic draping, followed then by the wiping and mopping of kitchen floors.

thorough cleaning is important for kitchen hygiene

Maintaining kitchen hygiene is important not only from the point of view of your employees’ health, but also for preventing fires. additionally, your kitchen needs to be compliant with the health and safety standards set by various regulatory agencies, such as the NFPA. You do not want to receive a notice from a regulatory body, do you? additionally, failing to continue hygiene invites pests.

Only thorough cleaning of the kitchen can limit the risks associated with a without of hygiene to a minimum. already in the most regularly maintained kitchens, areas such as under the oven and behind fridges can get ignored. That is why most commercial kitchen owners are required by law to subject commercial kitchens to thorough cleaning.

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