Our Thoughts Cannot Be Kept Secret

Thoughts crystallize as habits or materialize in your life as circumstances. This is the Law of allurement. Our lives are videos of our thinking. The good news is that we can choose our thoughts. There is good reason to do so.

Thoughts of fear and doubt crystallize into habits of avoidance which solidifies into circumstances of failure or dependence. Hateful thoughts crystallize into criticism and accusation which manifests as injury and persecution. The Law of allurement works just as powerfully with negative thoughts, perhaps more so if you frost them with more flavor.

Keep to the Higher Planes

Thoughts which serve us well are those of Love, Connection to all, Acceptance and Faith in Divinity rule to beauty, and courage; freedom and abundance.

You might ask, how can I embrace thoughts of Love when I am living in a shelter after a life threatening illness cost me my job? Because I live in America, once I lost my job, there was no health insurance and the hospital and doctors took my house.

We could analyze where your thoughts were, because that is why you are where you are. But, for the sake of this short article, let’s focus on what to do now. Here you are, in a shelter. Do you choose to stay in the shelter, or would you rather go after a home again?

To stay where you are, feel resentment and think blaming thoughts. To move out, begin to focus on your connection to those around you. They too are children of God. Accept that your own thoughts and feelings brought you to this place and look for the lesson to be learned.

So Your Dream is a Big One?

Perhaps it was your big dream that caused these circumstances because there was some lesson you needed before you could unprotected to the big dream. In a shelter you can learn patience. You can learn how to speak to weaker, more frightened people without frightening them more. You can learn how to speak to bullies without sparking their sadistic selves. All these lessons will be more emotional than they would be in a more middle class, suburban ecosystem.

The lessons you will be sent will be from inspiration, or A Course in Miracles would say they are from the Holy Spirit. You can ask for them to speed your course of action. Be grateful for your lessons and your life. Once you have mastered this level, Creator will allow you to move to the next higher level which will also have lessons to be mastered.

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