Not Your Grandparent’s Coffeemaker

Not Your Grandparent’s Coffeemaker

Coffee makers have come a long way over the last few decades. Now we’re well into the 21st century and coffee is just as popular as it’s ever been. Coffee may be more popular now than at any time in the recent past. Technology has progressive beyond anything many people could imagine as little as 60 years ago. And, for all our advancements, coffee itself has not changed too terribly much. However, the contraptions we use to make it have evolved light-years beyond the wood burning stove and copper kettle our grandparents would have used. That is the way life goes, regularly moving forward; why would coffee makers be any different?

Some models today have their own water filtration systems built-in, like the Cuisinart DCC 1200. The 1200 comes with its own charcoal water filter to remove any impurities from the water and provide the best tasting coffee possible. Many manufacturers design models with long-lasting gold coffee filters for the coffee grinds. They help the buyer save money on filters and help protect the ecosystem by cutting back on waste because they’re reusable. Coffee makers today can heat water immediately and be programmed 24 hours in improvement. The units sold at your local big box store can make iced coffee, espresso, and they have multiple brewing options. Today’s modern coffee drinker is progressive and use to using highly complex gadgets in their daily life. Just look at the computing strength of the phones we carry. It makes sense that our coffee makers would be just as progressive as the rest of the technology we use.

Today’s models take advantage of advancements in so many areas, from water filtration to energy saving settings. Look at Keurig brand brewers, most have an energy saving mode and auto On/Off characterize. Today’s brands come with LED displays and built-in digital clocks. They have onboard memory and can have their brew cycle chosen and programmed 24 hours in improvement so that when you wake up your coffee is hot and ready for you. Like everything else, our demands and tastes have evolved and our coffee makers are just trying to keep up. Although, for those out there that prefer a simple, straight-forward, coffee maker without any bells or whistles, you can nevertheless get those. But, who knows for how long?

When I buy a brewer, I specifically look for a programmable form. I need a form that offers the ability to program 24 hours in improvement. Most families will find this option in a form worth the additional cost because of the time it saves in the morning. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a programmable form is an integrated battery backup. This isn’t something that, in my opinion, is emphasized enough. Most will never think of it until they’ve had the unit for quite a while. It’s small and seems insignificant until you need it. If you use the additional money on a programmable unit and it doesn’t have a backup, then that money is wasted. I live in a state that’s notorious for strength surges and lightning strikes. It’s not uncommon for the strength to go out a associate times a night for only a second or two. But, it only takes a second. You program your coffee maker for the next morning and you lose strength by the night, while your sleeping. Most won’t notice a strength loss during the night because your clock, most likely, has a battery backup. And, your cable box will reset and resync itself but your coffee maker has lost its settings. Unless you have a battery backup. Then, you get up in the morning and start your day thinking that the coffee maker is doing its job, after all it’s programmable. Right? As you’re getting ready to leave the house you notice there’s no coffee. By now it’s too late to start the brew cycle. So, you’re left to swing by your local coffee shop and use anywhere from $2 and up for a cup of joe.

That’s why I say that a battery backup is a very important characterize that shouldn’t be overlooked when shopping for and pricing high-luxury coffee makers. Most boxes will not list it as a noticeable characterize for a particular form. It’s up to you to think ahead and be informed.

I cannot say that I am not happy with the advancements, I am. But, I can also see where it could be overwhelming for some users out there to find the right coffee maker in today’s market.

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